Insanity Review

This is the program that got it all started for me back in 2012. I’ll always have a bias towards this program, and it’s my go-to if I need a kick in the ass. If you’ve never done intensive “HIIT” (high intensity interval training) before, this program will quickly indoctrinate you, and show you very early on that everything you thought or perceived about a “hard workout” is wrong.

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This program is as much a mental crucible as it is a physical challenge. If you commit to the 60 days, and have some type of sensible nutrition approach (note – this program does provide a nutrition plan if you want to follow it), then you will undoubtedly see some very noticable results at the end.

Overall Program Rating: 

My biggest gripe with this program is the lack of modifiers. Future Beachbody programs dedicate more time/energy to calling out modified moves so that people of ALL fitness levels can do them without much thought. In this program, the user is kind of left to his/her own devices to alter the moves and/or tempo to modify to a lower fitness level. Beyond that, the only other shortcoming is the lack of back (pulling) strength work. If you are a person that regularly does pull ups, do NOT stop doing them for the 60 days that it takes you to knock out Insanity. Do a couple of sets before each workout, to keep up your pulling strength.

As far as the videos themselves, the camera work was nice (seeing other people struggle and/or being tortured kind of makes you feel good). The music is a nice compliment – it isn’t annoying or distracting. As far as Shaun’s performance as the trainer, aside from the lack of modification instruction, I feel that his verbal and visual cues are very helpful and do the job. In total, I’d rate this 4 out of 5 “ass-kickings.”

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