Park workout 5-26-18

The last time we tried to do a “track” oriented workout, we were shot down since the local high school locked up all access to the track.


So, we changed the venue for this workout. We found a high school track that actually allows its tax-paying constituents to access the facility.


As we’ve established in the past – I’ll never shy away from a good session outdoors. I love exercising outdoors. And, it’s good for you too.  The anticipated high temperature today is 95 degrees F, so it’s a good thing we did this at 7am before it got HOT.

For today’s workout, we used two pieces of equipment…

  1. Aylio 3 Loop Fitness Bands
  2. Running parachute (I think I got it from Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Here was today’s structure:

  • Warm up
    • 100 jump rope – any variety/skill
    • 2 minutes double under jump rope practice
      • Double unders are a really solid jump rope skill that get the heart rate racing. They take TIME to get good at. I remember when I couldn’t do one. Now, I can knock out over 20+ in a set before I trip on the rope.
    • 400m jog around the track
  • Agility work (w/bands around ankles for all exercises)
    • Left/Right 5 step side shuffle – 1 minute
    • rest 1 minute
    • Single leg lateral step out (right) – 1 minute
      • Best way to describe this move – stand with your feet just outside of hip distance apart, and in a quarter squat position. Proceed to move your right foot to the side about 6-12 inches, and tap a target. Return your foot to the starting position, and step your foot out again to the target. Repeat this as fast as you can and as many times as you can while staying in the quarter squat position, and not letting your foot go inside of the hip distance starting point
    • rest 1 minute
    • Single leg lateral step out (left) – 1 minute
      • See description above
    • rest 1 minute
    • Plank jacks – 1 minute
    • rest 1 minute
    • Zig zag step forward – 1 minute
      • Best way to describe this move – stand with your feet together. With your right foot, step diagonally 45 degrees to your right. Bring the other foot to the right foot’s new position. Step with your left foot diagonally 45 degrees. Bring your right foot to the left foot’s new position. Step again with the left foot 45 degrees to the left, and bring the right foot together with it. Now step with your right foot 45 degrees to the right, and bring your left foot with it. Repeat from the beginning of the sequence as many times as you can
    • rest 1 minute
    • Zig zag step backward – 1 minute
      • Execute the same movements you would forward, but moving backwards instead.
    • rest 1 minute
    • Power jumps (feet hip distance apart the whole time) – 30 seconds
    • rest 30 seconds
    • Power jacks (hold a band in your hands – optional) – 30 seconds

and then…

  • Hurricane sequence
    • 3 sets total
    • each set consists of 3, 20 second sprints paired with 20 seconds of “other” work
    • Rest for 2 minutes before starting your next set of hurricanes
      • Set 1 – sprint 20 seconds, push ups 20 seconds – repeat 3 times
      • Rest 2 minutes
      • Set 2 – sprint 20 seconds, bicycle crunches 20 seconds – repeat 3 times
      • Rest 2 minutes
      • Set 3 – sprint 20 seconds, plank 30 seconds – repeat 3 times
  • Parachute running
    • This was just a fun add on at the end – some of the participants had never run with a parachute on their hips before
      • 100 yard sprint with parachute
  • Cool down – 2 minutes


The group really liked the agility work with the bands. Your hip flexors start to burn pretty quickly when you wrap elastic around your ankles and start doing stuff. All of these movements involved hip abduction (moving the leg away from the centerline of the body). Most of us could probably spend a little more time training abductor movements.

The hurricanes probably whooped us all the most. It’s a protocol that is beneficial for training VO2 max. The trick is that you really need to sprint HARD (I’m talking like all-out intensity – run like you stole something) to get the VO2 training result.

The workout clocked in just under an hour, and ate up about 565 C. We were happy with that.

The heart rate chart wasn’t a surprise. I figured it would spike during the hurricanes, and it did.

track workout 5-26 hr chart.JPG

After all of that, one of our members invited us back to his home where he cooked one of the best victory omelets I’ve ever had. And, that dude can poach a wicked egg.


Do you have any favorite spots to exercise outside? Any favorite routines? If so, please let us know. If you liked this post, please be sure to “like” and “share.” Thank you.