A Nutrition Manifesto


“You can’t exercise away a crappy diet.” – anonymous

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

There is SO MUCH information available nowadays about diet, nutrition, exercise, getting lean, etc… it can be overwhelming. AND, there is so much potentially incorrect information floating around, that it can inhibit a person’s ability to understand what is really going on, and how to come up with an approach that makes sense for him/herself. Unless a person really wants to fall down the rabbit hole and try to learn the basics about what drives our biology, the default will be to trust the advice of the mainstream, and (god forbid) follow the “standard american diet.”

Many of my friends/colleagues like to pick my brain about what exactly it is that I do in terms of fitness and nutrition. They see me as the relatively fit/strong guy that participates in a ton of athletic activities. So, as people usually do, if they see a person doing something that they want to do, they start to ask questions. They know that I’m not a professional in either area, but they do know that I’m obsessive about reading and researching topics that interest me, and I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to fitness. Or, at least that is the assumption. They know that if you get me going about anything related to fitness or nutrition, I’ll talk your ear off for an hour.

What I’ve learned in the past 6+ years of researching health, fitness, and nutrition is that you need to balance the two. It’s possible to be overall fit, but have poor nutrition; and, it’s also possible to have good nutrition with poor overall fitness. I firmly believe that you need a synergy between the two, and you need to have a clear way to measure your success. I’ve moved way beyond using the number on the scale to tell me how I’m doing. Overall body weight is such a false idol when you are trying to gauge your health/fitness.

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