Butter coffee is awesome!

I put all of the items into a blender cup, and blend with my Ninja or Bullet for 20 seconds. The end result is the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. And, it is apparently good for you (if you believe the “fat” hype – which i DO!).

Potential benefits to butter coffee consumption include:

  • Higher levels of satiety (you’ll feel full and won’t be hungry) – I use this as part of my intermittent fasting strategy
  • Higher levels of cognition (the MCT oils and fats in the butter fuel your brain function)
  • Slower metabolism of caffeine (the fat in the butter theoretically slows the uptake of caffeine into the bloodstream)

I first heard about the wonderful world of butter coffee when I read about the “Bulletproof Executive” – a guy named David Asprey. At that time, I wasn’t to far down the Keto rabbit hole, so I didn’t give it much thought. Just kind of filed it away in my brain under, “hmmm – this guy puts butter in is coffee – that’s odd.” As it turns out, Mr. Asprey isn’t the first person to throw a bunch of awesome fat into his morning brew.

Populations in Nepal and northern India have been spiking their coffee beverages for centuries. You’ll see honey and salt make an appearance in Ethiopia, and even see coffee beans sauteed with butter/salt before grinding in Singapore. A very storied version of this magic brew is the Tibetan butter tea “po cha.” The special ingredient here is salty yak butter (yum). So, to sum up, this idea has been around for a LONG TIME, and has been benefitting populations for a LONG TIME.

I’ve been drinking this beverage on a daily basis for over a year now. Once in a while, I’ll have two cups. I’m happy to report that I have not gained any fat as a result of this beverage (my weight either remains the same or drops depending on what I’m working on), and my blood work (cholesterol ratios, triglycerides, etc) are all in great shape. I don’t owe that last part to butter coffee; however, I mention it to point out that the addition of butter coffee isn’t adversely affecting my health. And, anecdotally, I’m happy to report that I do “feel” more alert and mentally sharp after throwing back one of these brews. Long story short – I can’t recommend this morning beverage enough!