REVIEW – Insanity: Max 30 – Month 2 – Day 3 – Max Out Sweat

I first completed this program (all 56 days) in 2016. The challenge and grind of this program reminded me a lot of my first “Insanity” experience. I decided that I wanted to go through each workout again to see what the fitness metrics looked like (calorie burn and heart rate chart). And, I wanted to share my experience over the next 11 posts in the hopes of educating people that are considering this program. See program details at the bottom of the post.

Month 2, Day 3: Max Out Sweat (approx 30 minutes)

Approx calories burned (Garmin Vivosport): 404 C

Max HR (Garmin Vivosport): 181 bpm

AVG HR (Garmin Vivosport): 150 bpm

MAX OUT time: 10 min, 49 sec – didn’t make it out of the first workout round (2nd round overall)

Okay – before you even read anything else, look at those freaking numbers. AVERAGE HR of 150, MAX HR of 181. On paper, it looks like my heart was near exploding, and it felt like that. Since I started tracking my workouts on the Garmin Vivosport, THIS WORKOUT has registered as the highest average HR bpm workout. It even ranked higher than a session that was 3 minutes of high intensity jump rope (146 bpm) and 1 minute of battle ropes (142 bpm). My perceived exertion on the JR was not much. My perceived exertion on the battle ropes was very high.

My perceived exertion on this workout was CORPSE level. I felt like drifting into the hereafter. I hit 175 bpm in the WARMUP. People start maxing out hella early here, so I know I’m not the only one asking what the frig is happening.

The workout is 5 blocks (1 warmup, 4 work), each move is about 30 seconds except for the POWER move at the end of each block. You’ll circuit through some moves 3 times, and then he throws in one long duration move (approx 1 minute) at the end of the block.

The Warm Up:

  • Low switch kick punch x 3
  • Hop-hop-knee x 3
  • 1-2-3 clap x 3
  • Speed in/out abs (power move)

water break

The Workout:

  • Plyo hook lunge x 3
  • Wide in & out knee tap x 3
  • Switch kick punch x 3
  • Hit the floor + tuck jump (power move)

Okay – maxed out in this damn round. I still have about 19 minutes of this sweet hell to deal with.

water break

  • Ab attack – right
  • Burpee punch – right
  • Knee switch kick – right
  • Ab attack – left
  • Burpee punch – left
  • Knee switch kick – left
  • Ab attack right then left
  • Burpee punch right then left
  • High knees + switch kicks on cue (alternate)
  • 4 jab + 4 high knee/punch combo (power move)

The power move almost felt like a minor recovery (thank jeebus!). Good news is we are 18+ minutes here post water break. 2 blocks to go. Some noteworthy quotes from Shaun T to let you know that this is hard…

“This is truly bananas.”

“I need to find my life.”

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” (I don’t think this is hyperbole).

water break

  • Wide fly + in/out abs
  • Free runner right (1st set), left (2nd set), alternate (3rd set) – HATE THESE
  • Moving push ups (almost a nice break from this workout’s plyo leg assault)
  • 360 degree hop squat (power move) – this is BRUTAL. Legs are on FIRE.

legs on fire

water break


  • Slalom (this is a throwback to the old “ski down” from the Insanity series, but this time you touch the ground with a hand (deeper squat))
  • Plank jack tap
  • Scissor X jump
  • Power jump + dive push up (power move)

Cooldown! Always remember to cool down – you need it!!!

The numbers back it up – this might be one of the toughest 30 minute sessions I’ve ever done. Quoting Shaun T, “That is the hardest workout I’ve ever taught.” Again – I don’t think that is hyperbole. Here is another good one, “…don’t throw in the towel, use the towel to wipe the sweat.” In my first Insanity review, I said that the program is as much of a mental crucible as it is a physical challenge. This workout has the same character – your body wants to quit early – you need to will yourself to continue. Sure, the reps aren’t as fast or as crisp as the first few minutes. But, continuing to move forward even at a slower cadence will pay mental dividends.

Keep pushing, dig deeper, you are almost there.

Next up – Max Out Strength, Friday Fight: Round 2, and then pulse. Only 2 to go this week!

Program Details:

Where to buy?

Insanity: Max 30 – Basic Set

insanity max 30 logo


What is it?

Insanity Max 30 is a 2 month program with 5 programed exercise sessions, 1 recovery/stretch session, and 1 rest day programmed each week. The program is divided in half – the first month is “easier” than the second month. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes, and your goal is to go as long as you can in the session without taking an unprogrammed break. The moment your form breaks down and you need to stop, you are said to have “maxed out.” You write down that time, and try to beat it during your next session. Once you write down the time, take as much time as you need to collect your thoughts, and then get back into it. Don’t just end the workout when you “max out.” If your “max out” time gets longer and longer each session, you know you are making gains with your VO2 max, lactic threshold, and overall muscle strength/endurance.


Do I need any equipment?

No – this is strictly bodyweight. You’ll want some exercise mats though. Doing this on concrete might be unforgiving on your joints.


Is there a nutrition plan?

Yes. Beachbody does a nice job putting together a nutrition plan for you. This nutrition plan seems to build off the popularity of the food/portion control containers that first appeared in 21 Day Fix. If you are new to nutrition and have no idea what you are doing, you’ll be okay following the plan. If you already follow a Paleo or Primal or Keto type nutrition lifestyle – keep doing that – it’s better.


Have you ever done Insanity Max 30? If so, please let us know about your experience in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you.


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