REVIEW – Insanity: Max 30 – Month 2 – Day 2 – Max Out Power

I first completed this program (all 56 days) in 2016. The challenge and grind of this program reminded me a lot of my first “Insanity” experience. I decided that I wanted to go through each workout again to see what the fitness metrics looked like (calorie burn and heart rate chart). And, I wanted to share my experience over the next 11 posts in the hopes of educating people that are considering this program. See program details at the bottom of the post.

Month 2, Day 2: Max Out Power (approx 30 minutes)

Approx calories burned (Garmin Vivosport): 202 C

Max HR (Garmin Vivosport): 154 bpm

AVG HR (Garmin Vivosport): 107 bpm

MAX OUT time: 16m 33sec

Today is 5 blocks on the tracker. Per the usual, the first is the warmup, and then the remaining blocks are the “hard” part of the workout. By now, you realize that hard is relative when it comes to Shaun T. I wonder who would max out first, Shaun T or Chuck Norris?

chuck norris

The cadence/volume has changed now that you are in the max week. The “tabata” style intervals are 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. If you recall, it was MUCH less in month 1. This is going to burn…

The Warm Up:

  • High knee pull
  • Jog in place
  • Medicine ball twist
  • Mummy kicks
  • Lateral lunge kick – right
  • Slap back jack
  • Lateral lunge kick – left
  • Heisman

Overall, this was a pleasant sequence, not taxing in anyway shape or form. I wonder if that is going to change…

water break

The Workout:

  • Slap back jump up/back
  • Slap back jump left/right
  • Slap back jump up/back with a pause
  • Low squat pulse up/back
    • Somebody just maxed out! Not me, but somebody!
  • Low squat pulse
    • These things BURN. Your quads feel like they will explode.
  • Chair hold
    • This isn’t chair pose from yoga – your feet are outside of shoulder width. Still burns like a mother though…

Legs are J-E-L-L-O.

water break

  • Plyo push up jack
    • Love this move – I do it outside of my Insanity workouts
  • Arm jack only push up (feet stay on the ground and together)
    • This is semi-plyo. Arms are really feeling it at this point. Almost didn’t make it.
  • Push up pop up
    • Slight plyo pop at the top of the move. Arms are cooked. Just barely able to hang in there.
    • There is a reason people are maxing out right now. Multiple people
  • Step out push up
  • Knees down plyo in/out push ups
    • Arms are wobbly and on fire.
  • 4 count knee push ups
    • MAX OUT – 16:33
    • All I can say is FUGG!

water break

At this point, my upper body is fried. My lower body recovered a little from the first round. Would be nice to give the upper body a breather.

No such luck.

  • Pike up extension
  • Wide push up extension
    • ARMS!

burning arms

  • Low plank pike up
    • Great – now my shoulders feel like they were hit by a truck and then run over by said truck
  • Ski down abs (from seated position)
    • Thank god my arms got a break. They might have broke.
  • “X” abs (laying down)
    • It’s kind of messed up that Shaun is punching that one guy in the abs while he’s doing it. I get it, but still – damn. Literally hitting me while I’m down.
  • Backstroke
    • My shoulders are burning more than my core. Not by much though.

water break

Finally – one block to go. I feel like mush.

  • Burpee lunge – alternate sides
    • Luckily – not full burpees (belly to the ground).
  • Squat + lunge – alternate sides
  • Frog jump + burpee
    • Frog jumps are already the devil. Adding a burpee is just freaking cruel.

frog jump

Yes, you suck Kermit.
  • Lunge pulse
    • Reminder – lunge pulses suck.
    • Bonus – he makes you work through the buzzer.
  • Wide burpee jump
  • Iron legs (lunge, lunge, squat, criss-cross, repeat)

Cooldown! Always remember to cool down – you need it!!!

To date, this was one of the most challenging workouts. The 45 second duration for the moves (and these were some challenging compound moves) gets the burn going and sucks the air (and life) out of you.

Next up – Max Out Sweat, Max Out Strength, Friday Fight: Round 2, and then pulse. Only 3 to go this week!

Program Details:

Where to buy?

Insanity: Max 30 – Basic Set

insanity max 30 logo


What is it?

Insanity Max 30 is a 2 month program with 5 programed exercise sessions, 1 recovery/stretch session, and 1 rest day programmed each week. The program is divided in half – the first month is “easier” than the second month. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes, and your goal is to go as long as you can in the session without taking an unprogrammed break. The moment your form breaks down and you need to stop, you are said to have “maxed out.” You write down that time, and try to beat it during your next session. Once you write down the time, take as much time as you need to collect your thoughts, and then get back into it. Don’t just end the workout when you “max out.” If your “max out” time gets longer and longer each session, you know you are making gains with your VO2 max, lactic threshold, and overall muscle strength/endurance.


Do I need any equipment?

No – this is strictly bodyweight. You’ll want some exercise mats though. Doing this on concrete might be unforgiving on your joints.


Is there a nutrition plan?

Yes. Beachbody does a nice job putting together a nutrition plan for you. This nutrition plan seems to build off the popularity of the food/portion control containers that first appeared in 21 Day Fix. If you are new to nutrition and have no idea what you are doing, you’ll be okay following the plan. If you already follow a Paleo or Primal or Keto type nutrition lifestyle – keep doing that – it’s better.


Have you ever done Insanity Max 30? If so, please let us know about your experience in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you.


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