REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Days 12-14 (Flow on the Go, Relax, AM/PM/ABS) – (Expansion)


Day 12 – Flow on the Go (Expansion) – approx 19 minutes.

Same idea as the week one “flow on the go.” They wanted to give you an abbreviated workout that hit on the skills you focused on during the current workout block. The training wheels are certainly a little more off this time around. We started out with a sun salutation A, then added a sun salutation A with a chair pose. I definitely feel like my chair pose has gotten better. I used to keep my shoulders up by my ears, but now I really focus on creating length and space. This is 100% because of the verbal cues. None of the instructors are letting me forget any of the subtle nuances of the moves. Unless Ted collasally screws the pooch in the next session, I’ll be giving this program a 5 out of 5 on instructor cueing.

Next, we moved onto a crescent flow. I liked the time we spent with the lunge + twist combo. On a side note – I have no idea why Ted is wearing a polo shirt. I’ve never worked out in a polo shirt – the collar would drive me insane. Maybe he has a tee-time after filming??? We again flowed from crescent into warrior 3. If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now – that is a pretty “baller” flow. Before this workout series, I’d always start with my feet under my shoulders and shoulder width apart, and then raise a foot off the ground and hinge back my hips to get into warrior 3. Doing it from a lunge position takes some serious strength and balance. I’m glad that I know this flow exists now. After that, we played around in warrior 2 for a little bit. We finished out the session with some wide-legged forward fold action (love it), and kneeling rockstar. This is another move that is new to me in this workout series, and I love it. I feel a lot happening in my posterior chain when I do this move.

Overall – nice quick flow. Would certainly do it again.


Day 13 – Relax (Expansion) – approx 29 minutes.

Just like in week 1, we have another “relax” session starring Faith. Since we have some more yoga “arrows” in our quiver, the menu of relax exercises expanded. I liked the little mountain arm flow at the beginning. It woke up the shoulders. Then we moved into sun salutation A taking a very s-l-o-w and deliberate pace. I mean, it took us 4 minutes and 15 seconds to go from mountain, to forward fold to downward dog to plank to chaturanga to cobra to child’s pose to downward dog to forward fold to mountain. Very paced and relaxed. No rush. To quote Faith, “…you don’t have to be anywhere…”

Next we spent some time doing goddess flow. I’ve been enjoying goddess as a nice groin and hip opener. I’ve really tried to be cognizant of tucking my tailbone under when I’m low in the position, and it certainly makes it a little more challenging. And, the sensation is different (in a good way), so I think I’m finally doing it the way it was intended. I’m finding that focusing on not collapsing forward at the waist is adding some new nuance to some of these moves (like crescent pose for example).

We moved into some low lunge work after resetting with mountain and forward fold. We did some twist work in this position, then downward dog, plank, chaturanga, and cobra (or upward dog). I’m a big updog fan.

We then spent about three and a half minutes in bound angle pose working a couple different angles and stretches. I relish this time to help with my TIGHT hips. Things wrapped up with some reclined twists (love those too), and finally our friend, savasana. I enjoyed this relax session even more than week 1, and certainly see myself doing it again.

Day 14 – AM/PM/ABS (Expansion) – approx 10 minutes each.

These three workouts are the same exact workouts from the first session. Not saying that is a bad thing – just saying you’ve done this before.


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