REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 7 – 10 Min AM / 10 Min PM / 10 Min Abs (Foundation)

Day 7: 10 Min AM / 10 Min PM / 10 Min Abs (Fundamentals) – approx 27 minutes.

In the morning, I knocked out the AM and Abs sessions. Both sessions were led by Faith. In the brief AM session, we did some partial sun salutations and some warrior 2 work. Very low impact session, but it felt nice – my posterior chain and hips are certainly awake now. If you are looking for a quick 10 minute “cup of coffee,” and just want your movement to be focused on a couple of poses/flows, then this is probably perfect for you everyday.

If you have an additional 10 minutes, you might as well pair it with the 10 minute abs. I liked this tiny session as well. After some standing overhead side bends, we go into some cat/cow, and some bird dog with a crunch. Syncing the leg movement with your breath is relaxing and made me feel very mindful. Next, you move into side plank, a boat sequence, another side plank, and another boat sequence. On the 2nd boat sequence, you “row your boat.” Syncing breath with the rowing motion is another very nice and mindful practice.

To round out my morning, I added…

  • 1 minute dead hang
  • 1 minute handstand hold

As far as post yoga nutrition, I will remain in a fasted state until lunch. I am a fan of intermittent fasting, so on days where I don’t feel the need to refuel and provide nutrients for muscle rebuilding (like my yoga or off days), I like to ride out my fast and keep the window between dinner the night before and my first meal of the day the largest. Assuming I hold out until noon (my last food on Monday was some awesome chicken salad with avocado oil mayo at 8pm), then my “fasting” window will have been 16 hours.

Here is a great infographic courtesy of Dr. Joseph Mercola on proper intermittent fasting practice:

Intermittent Fasting***Please note Dr. Mercola’s fine print regarding when NOT to practice intermittent fasting. You should not dabble with this type of insulin/blood sugar manipulation if you are managing hypoglycemia, diabetes, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. In general, you should research this topic and, if necessary, talk with your primary care physician before implementing a change***


I waited until I got home from work to knock out the PM session. This chapter was also led by the wonderful Faith. She presents such a calming presence! I could have crammed all three into my morning, but I figured that I wouldn’t tempt the yoga gods and go off the plan. If it says PM, it is meant for PM. And, I wanted to also see if doing this “relaxing” session dovetails into a nice night of sleep.

Mrs. Breaking decided to do the PM session with me. And, since the focus was on relaxing, I decided to pour myself a nice imperial stout from my tap. Call its “Hops and Hatha” if you’d like. The session lasted just under 10 minutes as advertised. We did a couple of side bends from the cross-legged position, some hip bridge work, a nice figure four stretch, hamstring stretch, and, one of my favorites – happy baby pose. I love me some happy baby pose!

happy baby

Yes, that is me. Yoga has me aging in reverse!


Looking forward to starting week 2 (expansion) on my next session.


And, since I still have some beer left – cheers!


Are you an aspiring yogi? Do you enjoy mixing yoga workouts into your fitness plan? If so, please let us know about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!


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