REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 6 – Relax (Foundation)

Day 6: Relax (Fundamentals) – approx 24 minutes.


Today was very low impact. I guess I should have been tipped off by the title. My assumption is that this is meant to be a transition session. The next day consists of three 10 minute mini sessions (1 AM, 1 PM, and 1 core to do whenever you want).

Not a lot to note here. The trainer did change. That made me realize that I haven’t been specifying who is the trainer for the sessions I’m doing. For the first 5 sessions, it was Vytas. It sounds like Vitus (rhyme with Titus). He has been awesome. Today, it was Faith. She brings a different energy to the session. Not better or worse – just different. Today was slow, deliberate, and virtually no impact. When I say no impact, I mean…

mindful walk

…yeah, we did a “mindful” walk to the front of the mat. We learned how to step heel to toe, and feel the step. Yes, I’m serious. I don’t have anything negative to say about the session, but I don’t have anything positive to say. It was kind of blah. I wanted more.

So, when I was done, I decided to freestyle the rest of my Sunday. Next, I dusted off an oldie but a goodie in P90X2 “recovery and mobility.” This bad boy clocks in at just under and hour, and is probably my FAVORITE recovery workout. It starts out with some sun salutations, then moves on to a couple twisting lunges and overhead squats (with a weighted stick), some one legged touches, and then a solid 20 minutes of foam rolling. If you’ve never foam rolled before, you should really get a foam roller. You are basically giving yourself a deep tissue massage when you foam roll. If you’ve never gotten a deep tissue massage, you should really get a deep tissue massage. They are awesome. You know that saying “hurts so good.” Deep tissue massages HURT SO DAMN GOOD!

Watch for the muscle twitch at 3:30. That is what deep tissue massage can do for your knots and adhesions.

When I first did my inaugural round of P90X2, I never foam rolled seriously before. The program schedules it once per week, so, if you follow the program, you really see the benefits (and you also foam roll for a couple minutes at the beginning of each workout, so you really get exposure throughout the program). If you do it right, it is PAINFUL the first few times. After you work out the adhesions, you’ll find that your muscles release quicker and it’s a much more enjoyable experience. I hadn’t foam rolled in a long time. Today’s session made me realize that I need to work it in again.

After the foam rolling, he (Tony) focuses on some static stretches for 60 or so seconds each. We do pigeon and frog, and the some hamstring work. In total, it’s a great session of flexibility and mobility. At the conclusion of those two sessions, I was pretty proud of my Sunday.

Since Mrs. Breaking works weekend options shifts, I get to spend both Saturday and Sunday with Baby Breaking. He’s not at the point yet where he does much on his own, so most of my days are spent feeding and entertaining him when he isn’t napping. During his naps, I try to take care of my adult things (dishes, laundry, exercise, etc). It’s easy to fall into a sedentary trap when feeding/entertaining him. I’ve been able to re-binge watch the heck out of some old TV shows that I watched many years ago (thanks Netflix and Amazon Prime). But, there is only so much Chuck, Parks and Rec, The Office, House, and Dawson’s Creek you can watch before your brain turns to mush, and you realize you are slowing becoming a turnip.

Today was a day where I got the itch to do more. So, even after Relaxing with Faith, and then pancaking my muscles via foam roller with Tony, I decided to hop on Mrs. Breaking’s elliptical, and knock out a 5K.

20 minutes and 48 seconds later, I burned 335 calories and felt less like a blob.

Overall, not a bad Sunday.

One more thing – I made an AMAZING chocolate avocado mousse yesterday. Found the recipe on the Food Network website. Mrs. Breaking loved it. It was so freaking easy to make, and it tasted spectacular. The texture was so smooth. It was velvety. Couple things I called an audible on for the recipe…

  1. I used 82% chocolate pieces instead of semi-sweet. Just melted down an equivalent amount.
  2. I used 1/2 cup pure maple syrup instead of agave. Note – next time I’m going to try making a simple syrup with erythritol and see if I can put a keto-slant on this recipe.


Are you an aspiring yogi? Do you enjoy mixing yoga workouts into your fitness plan? If so, please let us know about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!



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