REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 19 – Flow on the Go (Progression)

I found it. THIS IS MY FAVORITE WORKOUT IN THE PROGRAM. You wouldn’t think I’d say that about a 20 minute session, but it was the best balance between challenge and efficiency to date. I felt great afterwards and I was sweating. Yes – sweating!

Day 19 – Flow on the Go (Progression) – approx 20 minutes.

We started right away with sun salutation A. Cycled through that only once, then moved on to sun salutation B (chair pose), and this is pretty much the flow we stuck with the rest of the way. Everything came back to chair pose.

What was cool during this entire session is that I didn’t look at the TV once. I just listened to his instruction and flowed through the moves. He didn’t waste any time – he was moving quickly. I found that to be part of the challenge and liked it a lot. You figure – we’ve been doing this stuff for the past 18 days, you should know these basic moves by now. Why not just do them??? Clearly he agreed.

After a run through of sun salutation B, we moved on to dancing warrior (again – always beginning with chair pose). In case you forgot, dancing warrior is:

  • warrior 1
  • warrior 2
  • reverse warrior
  • side angle pose
  • warrior 2

We spent about one breath in each space and moved onto the next pose. And we did a vinyasa after resetting to downward dog before moving onto the other leg. We ended up doing dancing warrior twice. The biggest cue (for my warrior poses) that I’ve taken out of this program is to make sure you are pushing through your back foot and keep the OUTSIDE of the foot down. Don’t get lazy and let your foot roll to the inside. You get the full benefit and range by being mindful about the outside of your foot.

After resetting in mountain pose, we moved into what Ted calls our “special” sequence (which is basically crescent to warrior 3). Here is how that flow broke down:

  • crescent pose
    • also open arms wide in this pose
  • warrior 3
  • half moon
  • triangle pose

I like that he cobbled all of those poses into a flow. It was very welcome and very challenging. We did both sides. Yoga note – you always do both sides. I said it before and I’ll say it again – going from crescent pose into warrior 3 is a very tough move that calls on balance and strength. You can’t just fire forward – you’ll fall over. You need to be very mindful and deliberate as you hinge at your waist and shift forward to the bent leg.

We did this flow twice.

The session closed out with pigeon pose and seated twists. Those felt GREAT.

Can’t wait to do this one again.

Such a nice session – well programmed and well paced. Next up is RELAX followed by the AM/PM/ABS sessions and then my 3 Week Yoga Retreat practice is complete.


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