REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 10 & 11 – Balance & Flow (Expansion)

Day 10 – Balance (Expansion) – approx 31 minutes.

Elise is still at the helm and will be for the rest of expansion week from what I can tell. We start off in yoga squat, and then move onto some chair poses and light flow work. Once we get down to plank, then some time is spent in balancing table. You’ve probably heard this called bird dog. Nothing new here. I know I keep saying it, but it’s worth repeating – I like how deliberate all of the movement cues are. Then, after about 10 minutes into it, we get to play with WARRIOR 3. She flows into this from crescent pose.

Side note – I love warrior 3. I always have, and always will. Not only do I love it in yoga, I love it in general as part of my training. Aside from the balance challenge of just holding warrior 3, you can do all sorts of things from warrior 3.

Wanna try a single leg squat pulse in warrior 3?


Wanna try doing dumbell rows or curls from warrior 3?

Go for it!

Wanna do single leg deadlifts and hold a warrior 3 pose after each rep?


Warrior 3 was not always a picnic for me. I’d say years of single leg training and yoga workouts has made me proficient at it, and allowed me to love it. At first, it was frustrating to either not hold it, or only hold it for a moment or so. Like anything worth doing, it takes patience and tenacity. Just keep doing it! You’ll get there.

The single leg standing poses and twists were welcome after the warrior 3 work. Then, there was some more flow into crescent and then warrior 3 again.

Next, we moved on to tree pose. I too am a fan of tree. I enjoy the balance challenge and putting my arms over my head.

To close out the session, we did some sun salutation A flows, and once in downward dog, we did downward dog splits and hip circles flowing into knee pulls. I’m not going to lie – this was a challenge and I ended up in child’s pose once or twice.

We finished up with what Elise called “sexy cow.” From cat-cow pose, imagine just shaking/rotating your money maker behind you for all to see.

For this session, I was VERY happy to see Warrior 3 and Tree come into play. I clearly need to work on my downward dog splits to hip circles to knee pulls.


Day 11 – Flow (Expansion) – approx 33 minutes.

THE DAY IS MINE! Elise is going to rock our world with a full 30 minute session that FLOWS. No stopping. No breaks. No rest for the weary. Okay – that is a lie. There is no shame in going to child’s pose if you need to take a beat. This is yoga. No egos.

The first 10 minutes was pretty much a flow of everything we’ve done to date (including warrior 3).

The next 10 minutes moved us into goddess pose, and what she called a dancing warrior sequence. First was warrior 2 into triangle. Then, from warrior 2, we went from basic warrior 2 into side angle (or extended side angle) pose, and then flowed into reverse warrior.

After that, we moved into a wide legged fold, then moved into another flow that featured some plank and forearm plank work.

To close out the session, we did some reverse table top, figure 4 work, and then our friend SAVASANA!

This was the workout I was waiting for. Certainly not the most challenging yoga I’ve ever done. But, once I’m done with this program, this is a session I know I’ll revisit when I want a very relaxing and engaging 30 minutes of yoga flow.

Just past the halfway point of this program, I’m pretty happy, and looking forward to finishing out the expansion week and seeing what challenges lie ahead.




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