Garage Workout 8-1-18

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I’m reusing the same graphic (above) from the last garage workout post. Its been like two months since our last garage workout.

We suck.

The hiatus this time was much longer than the previous break in action. Hopefully we’ll keep the momentum going. I think everyone feels motivated to get back into action. One of the regular members said he feels, “…soft…”

simpsons blubber

The trouble is syncing our schedules. Of our normal group of 5, three of them travel about 40% of the time for work. Trying to get us all into the same parking garage on the same day at the same time is like trying to herd a bunch of cats that found Walter White’s product.

Editorial note – if you don’t get that reference, go binge watch Breaking Bad right now.

Since I’ve been very pushy pully and yogiy recently, I decided to incorporate all of that into a nice “welcome back” session for 3 out of the 5 of us.

Two of us were traveling.

Huge surprise.

Here is how the morning broke down…

We did what I’ll call the “Yoga Tower.” Usually, the tower is a hellscape of ramp work and then some moderate rep and moderate timed bodyweight movements. For today’s session, I modified it.

  • Ramp 1 – run @ 50%
  • Landing 1 – sun salutation A
  • Ramp 2 – lunge
  • Landing 2 – sun salutation B
  • Ramp 3 – run @ max
  • Landing 3 – sun salutation A with dancing warrior
  • Run to ramp 4, but stop and do balance series
    • Standing knee raise
    • Tree
    • Extended leg w/toe bind

Normally there is another ramp, but since they are re-staining the woodwork on the garage, we would have been huffing fumes for the next ramp and landing. I’m sure we would have had a nice deep downward dog with our minds expanded, but I decided to err on the side of caution.


The group seemed to like that a lot. The dancing warrior sequence got the most acclaim. Next we moved inside to the pull up bar for THE BASICS.

I’ve written about THE BASICS before. Its a simple routine authored by Al Kavadlo.

5 sets, 10 reps

  • Pull up
  • Dip
  • Hanging leg raise

Due to time constraints, two of the participants only did 4 sets, but I quickly squeezed in the 5th set. Call it OCD, but my mind would have revolted if I didn’t complete the 5th set. I needed closure dammit! I’m glad I did the 5th set. This marks the first time I hit 10 reps on all 5 sets for the pull up work. Looking back, it was probably due to the extra rest in between sets (since we had to share the bar between 3 people). But, who cares – I’ll take the win!

We then proceeded to hit First Watch and enjoy our victory omelets (or other applicable breakfast food). For me its the omelet. Love me some omelets.


Do you have any fun and off the wall places that you like to work out? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please be sure to “like” and “share.” Thank you!


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