Garage Workout 12/5/18 – Jump Rope!!!

26 degrees F. It was COLD.

To quote one of our participants, “…I didn’t know you can sweat when its 26 degrees out…”

For the past couple of Wednesday sessions, we were inside doing various yoga workouts that I shared with the group. Today we decided to go old school and get our butts outside.

We hadn’t completed a focused jump rope workout in a LONG time. So, I programmed this session around our long lost friend. Good ol’ JR. In total, we logged a solid 16 minutes of jump roping. That is a lot of jump roping.

A funny thing can happen when you leave your garage workout gear in your car during the harsh winter – your jump rope can FREEZER. Granted, my travel rope is a piece of garbage from AmazonBasics, but still, I spent the first minute of JR trying to soften that darn thing and get the bearings spinning again. It eventually came around, but geez – you normally warm up your body – not your exercise equipment!

In the first couple of rounds, the bodyweight calisthenics didn’t seem to be too much of a challenge, so for the last two rounds, I tried to add in more difficult progressions for the basic exercises (sub A-skips for high knees, sub squat with oblique crunch for regular squat, etc). In the future, I’ll probably add more plyo in the bodyweight calisthenics part of this. But, overall, this was a pretty decent workout that got us sweating. Which, again, is quite the feat on a 29 degree morning.

Overall, the group enjoyed the experience, and looks forward to the tweaks I might make next time around. Sphinx blasters could make an appearance…

Warm up: 

  • Quick jog
  • Misc upper/lower body stretches
    • torso twists
    • shoulder circles (front/back)
    • soldier kicks
    • hip openers
    • side leg raises
  • Sun salutation A

Circuit: – 4 rounds, 8 exercises per round, 10 seconds rest between exercises, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • 1 minute freestyle jump rope
  • 30 seconds body squats
  • 1 minute running jump rope
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 1 minute freestyle jump rope
  • 30 seconds jumping lunges
  • 1 minute mummy kick jump rope
  • 30 seconds cross-over moving push ups
    • these are kind of cool – start in plank, move your right foot to the right, and move your left hand to the right, but UNDER and then next to your right hand, and then move your right hand to the right. Repeat the same process, but opposite to move back to the left (left foot to the left, right hand under and to the left of your left hand, move left hand to the left).

Cool down:

  • Misc upper body stretch
    • shoulder stretch
    • chest stretch
  • Wide leg forward fold
  • Warrior 2 – both sides
  • Triangle pose – both sides

Post workout nutrition:

  • The Works omelet @ First Watch – my favorite breakfast meal of the week!
    • No tomatoes, no bread


Do you have any fun and off the wall places that you like to work out? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please be sure to “like” and “share.” Thank you!


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