Garage Workout 10-31-18: CdF Hybrid

Today is Halloween. Baby Breaking is dressed up as a huge spider. Not going to lie – it’s kind of cute. For the better part of a couple decades, I couldn’t have cared less about Halloween, but, I must say, having a kid now makes me wonder how much fun I can have with this in the coming years. Right now – it’s still a sham and annoyance – as of this typing, the little meat puppets will be ringing my bell in about an hour to collect their candy. I’ll probably be more in the spirit once I actually dress up with Baby Breaking and we go get our candy!

This year doesn’t matter (since he probably doesn’t know what planet he’s on), but, someday soon, this stuff will imprint, and he will look forward to these “kid” holidays. I think I’m going to feed off his energy and want to be the best Halloween partner I can be.

You want to be a banana son? Cool. I’ll dress up as a tailpipe. If you don’t get that reference, I can’t help you.

If you’ve been reading the Core de Force workout reviews, you’ll remember that I keep saying, “I love this exercise, I’m going to steal it for the Wednesday group.” Guess what – stolen, stolen, stolen. Exactly 90% of today’s workout moves were inspired by Core de Force. I’m glad I’m doing a program that is letting me fill out the dance sheet for Wednesday mornings. It’s pretty easy and mindless.

Just as well – my sleep quality right now is just as good as the Bills offense.

The group (we had 5 today!) was pretty excited to be exposed to new moves. That excitement lasted for about 5 minutes. Then, when we did the sphinx blasters, they all started groaning. I think I found a new move to punish them with. To quote one of our members…

“I’d rather do bear crawls up the ramp than do these.”

They affectionately started calling them “sphincter blasters.”

Warm up: 

  • 200 jump rope, any style
  • 3 Sun Salutation A

Circuit: – 4 rounds, 10 exercises, 30 seconds each, 1 minute active recovery (jump rope) between rounds

  • Ginga hop + 3 lunge (CdF inspired)
  • Sphinx blaster (CdF inspired)
  • Switch jumps (CdF inspired)
  • Firefly blasters (CdF inspired)
  • Left warrior 3+ kick (CdF inspired)
  • Right warrior 3+ kick (CdF inspired)
  • Plank skater (CdF inspired)
  • Left lunge + knee raise & twist (CdF inspired)
  • Right lunge + knee raise & twist (CdF inspired)
  • Dive bomber push up

Cool down:

  • Misc leg stretching (forward fold, one legged chair, quad stretch, etc)

Post workout nutrition:

  • The Works omelet @ First Watch – my favorite breakfast meal of the week!
    • No tomatoes, sub fruit for the bread, add side potatoes (I was in a potato mood)

Post workout discussion:

We all decided that the Monday Night Football announcing crew is awful, and we should just mute our televisions.



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