Day 8 – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning


Check out the background on the project, and my Stage 1 results here – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning.

  • Current stage – 36:36 protocol (36 seconds work, 36 seconds rest)
  • Current rep range: 17 per set
  • Target sets to complete stage: 35 (I’ll do 36 for symmetry sake)
  • Current kettlebell weight: 35 lb
  • Next VO2 testing review – skipping day 8 test, and refiguring testing intervals. will test after every 4 sessions – not 2. Therefore, next test session would be following the day 12 workout.
  • Current VO2 test results:
    • No change in Garmin measurement (still 44)
    • Negative change in RHR method (my resting heart rate (according to my fitness tracker) went up a few BPM in the past 7 days.


  • Sets completed = 14 (-2 from last session)
  • Reps completed = 238
  • Total work time = 504 seconds
  • Total rest time = 504 seconds
  • Rest between KB sessions: 6 days
  • Warm up: 3 minutes jump rope, 2 minutes jumping jacks
  • Notes on hand prep – Hands are good – ran out of duct tape and sports tape – time to hit the store!
  • Notes on workout – took a step back today. Did a tough metabolic circuit the day prior, so I probably shouldn’t have done this today. Going to take a solid week off from all training. Feeling/noticing symptoms of overtraining. This isn’t a reflection of the program – this is a reflection of my own actions. Sometimes you just need to take a break for physical/mental recovery. I think I’m there.
  • Post workout – light movement to bring heart rate down.
  • Post workout nutrition – salad with steak, avocado oil, and some honey (I felt like I needed a carb boost quickly).
  • Next steps – take a week off, and see if all systems feel like they are returned to normal. I’ll mostly be keeping an eye on my sleep quality. It feels like that has tanked in the past few weeks (which is an indicator of overtraining).
    • UPDATE – I stopped the program. Between this high intensity program and not being fully keto-adapted, I failed to fully meet the objectives of the protocol, and want to move on. Also, I’m not enjoying the workout – it’s too monotonous. 

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