Day 7 – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning

DAY 7 UPDATE – 5/19/18

Check out the background on the project, and my Stage 1 results here – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning.

  • Current stage – 36:36 protocol (36 seconds work, 36 seconds rest)
  • Current rep range: 17 per set
  • Target sets to complete stage: 35 (I’ll do 36 for symmetry sake)
  • Current kettlebell weight: 35 lb
  • Next VO2 testing review – after Day 8
  • Current VO2 test results:
    • No change in Garmin measurement (still 44)
    • Negative change in RHR method (my resting heart rate (according to my fitness tracker) went up a few BPM in the past 7 days.


  • Sets completed = 16 (+2 from last session)
  • Reps completed = 272
  • Total work time = 576 seconds
  • Total rest time = 576 seconds
  • Rest between workouts: 9 days
  • Warm up: 3 minutes jump rope
  • Notes on hand prep – Added a piece of cotton cloth to the handle of the kettlebell to reduce friction. Worked pretty well. Sports tape and duct tape are still my friend!
  • Notes on workout – Took it easy today and only added two sets since I’m just back from a glute injury. Good news is that there was zero pain. Hooray! The higher rep range is definitely a challenge for my grip strength and biceps. Even though the explosion comes from the hip movement to get the weight going, you still need to cradle and then press to lock out which will involve the upper body. Oh, and my son worked out with me today!!!!
  • Post workout – light 2 minute cool down to bring heart rate down.
  • Post workout nutrition – Kick ass salad (cruciferous green mix from Trader Joes, homemade EVOO and Avocado oil dressing, Wholly Guacamole, and seasoned chicken breast. YUM!!!
  • Next steps – Hopefully add between 2 and 5 sets next go around.


Day 8: coming soon…


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