Day 6 – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning

DAY 6 UPDATE – 5/10/18

Check out the background on the project, and my Stage 1 results here – Program Test – Viking Warrior Conditioning.

  • Current stage – 36:36 protocol (36 seconds work, 36 seconds rest)
  • Current rep range: 17 per set
  • Target sets to complete stage: 35 (I’ll do 36 for symmetry sake)
  • Current kettlebell weight: 35 lb
  • Next VO2 testing review – after Day 8
  • Current VO2 test results:
    • No change in Garmin measurement (still 44)
    • Negative change in RHR method (my resting heart rate (according to my fitness tracker) went up a few BPM in the past 7 days.


  • Sets completed = 14
  • Reps completed = 238
  • Total work time = 504 seconds
  • Total rest time = 504 seconds
  • Rest between workouts: 5
  • Warm up: 3 minutes jump rope, 2 minutes jumping jack skills
  • Notes on hand prep – sports tape and duct tape are still my friend! Need to go lower on the palm though.
  • Notes on workout – This is definitely harder. It makes sense – going from 7 reps to 17 reps per set is a pretty huge jump. But, power through I guess. Just gotta keep the form solid. Adding a few sets rather than a whole block of sets is probably the best progression this time around.
  • Post workout – did a VO2 max run test right afterwards (to test VO2 max on the Garmin Vivosport, you have to do a run until it tells you to stop). That run clocked in at 8:49 (with a 6:35 mile pace).
  • Post workout nutrition – Rise Bar (banana flavored) at work a couple hours later
    • Note – starting a 21 day Ketogenic cycle today. The Rise Bar accounts for 40% of my total carbs for the day!
  • Next steps – probably add between 2 and 5 sets next go around.


Day 7: coming soon…


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