Core de Force REVIEW – Day 27 & 28 – MMA Shred + Core Kinetics, and Active Recovery

To condense posts, since I don’t really have a lot to say about active recovery, I’m just going to tack it on to my MMA shred + core kinetics post.

I did active recovery. Hooray.

Don’t let my perceived lack of enthusiasm let you think that I don’t appreciate this part of the workout. I really do. Recovery days are essential to any training program. You can’t go balls to the wall 24/7. Gains are made when you rest. It’s that simple. Stuff like active recovery sessions gets the blood flowing to the muscles, and helps aid recovery (and make you feel a little looser too).

Knocked out MMA Shred and Core Kinetics while Baby Breaking was in the basement with me cheering me on. It’s fun to have an audience. I felt like I had to work a little harder so he didn’t think daddy was a slacker. Because, you know, 11 month old babies are certainly judging your workout intensity. The Breaking Dog Pack was outside again because it’s 50 degrees (December 1st), and all of the snow from last weekend’s blizzard has melted. Worry not – the weather is going Jekyll and Hyde again, and promises to snow again tomorrow. On a somewhat related note, I read this week that we are heading towards a mini ice age due to a lack of sunspots. If ever there was a movie waiting to be made its that one. Just shoot Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to the sun, and use a nuke to create a “spot” that will end the mini ice age. Note to Michael Bay – This time, let Ben stay behind to melt in the blast. PLEASE.

I’m not sure if it was the yoga that I did this week or what, but I absolutely killed MMA shred today. My kicks were amazing, I was going at a high pace, my form was good. I really felt like I got a good workout. AND, I only complained about Core Kinetics about 5 times. That is a huge improvement for me.

Move of the day: reverse lunge + clinch knee

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Day 27 – Core de Force, MMA Shred + Core Kinetics

  • Time – 37 minutes MMA shred, 16 minutes Core Kinetics
  • Structure (MMA shred) – warmup, 9 rounds work, cool down
    • Each round is 3 minutes
      • Skill move, burner move, repeat (just like the MMA speed format)
  • Structure (Core Kinetics)
    • Each move is 1 minute

Core Kinetics (7 exercises, repeat circuit twice)

  • Double leg extension
  • Horizontal leg check (plank position)
  • Alternating triangle lift
  • Hip dips
  • Repeating push kicks (left then right)
  • Hip escape toe tap
  • Guarded Square up

MMA Shred

  • Warm-up – 2 min
    • Boxer bounce, arm swinging, rolling, and soldier kicks
  • Round 1
    • Skill – Front side elbow, rear side elbow, roll back, roll forward
    • Burner – high knee jump rope
  • Round 2
    • Skill – jab, front up elbow, cross, right up elbow
    • Burner – alternating clinch knees
  • Round 3
    • Skill – right snap kick, switch snap kick
    • Burner – reverse lunge + clinch knee
  • Round 4
    • Skill – jab, cross, front slashing elbow, right slashing elbow
    • Burner – switch jumps
  • Round 5
    • Skill – front up elbow, right knee, switch snap kick
    • Burner – triple lunge + ginga hops
  • Round 6
    • Skill – cross, front side elbow, right snap kick
    • Burner – guarded squat + squat jump
  • Round 7
    • Skill – right push kick, front push kick, shuffle back
    • Burner – alternating clinch knees
  • Round 8
    • Skill – front slashing elbow, right slashing elbow, double jab, cross
    • Burner – triple lunge + ginga hops
  • Round 9
    • Skill – front up elbow, right knee, front push kick
    • Burner – guarded squat + squat jump
  • Cool down – 2 minutes (don’t skip this – it feels good and you need this)

JUST TWO SESSIONS LEFT! I only have one workout left to sub, so I’ll probably follow the calendar and do MMA Power tomorrow, and then finish the program with MMA Shred 2.0 the next day. WOOT!!!

What is Core de Force?

CdF is a mixed-martial arts inspired workout that combines dynamic boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and basic bodyweight moves into a cardio-focused workout. There are a total of 10 workouts in the basic kit.

How long is Core de Force?

The basic calendar is 30 days, but there are hybrid calendars that can extend the experience. Workouts range between 26 and 47 minutes long.

Where can I get Core de Force?

You can access with a Beachbody On Demand subscription, or check out this link.

Is there any equipment required?

No – this is 100% a bodyweight workout.

Is there a nutrition plan?

Yes. The program offers a full nutrition plan and recipes to support your workout. The portions/calories center around the containers featured in the 21-Day Fix program. There are four meal plans that should cover the majority of calorie needs. The overall macro breakdown for the plan is approximately 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. If you are at a point where you feel like you have your nutrition dialed in, and understand how to manipulate macronutrients to get your own best results, there is probably no reason to follow this nutrition plan. In general, nutrition plans that supplement workout programs are geared towards people that are just starting to learn about proper nutrition habits, so this type of regiment provides a framework. As always, you should consult with your physician before making any radical changes to your diet and/or nutrition habits, especially if you are currently managing any type of heath issues or metabolic conditions.


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