Core de Force REVIEW – Day 19 – MMA Plyo

Some random thoughts before we get into the workout…

Just finished reading Nick Foles’ book “Believe It.”  It was a very nice book and a quick read. I’m a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, so I 100% got the book to enjoy and try to get a behind the scenes look at the 2017 Eagles Super Bowl run. After reading it, I think even a non-football fan might enjoy it. Beyond the football stuff, Nick is a very good person, a good family man, and a devout man of his faith. It was an enjoyable experience to get to know him in this book. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family as he either continues his football career, or retires and pursues a higher calling.

And, completely unrelated, I’m a huge fan of portable quality nutrition. I’ve talked about it before. I used to be a huge fan of RxBars. If you can handle cashews (no bloat or stomach discomfort), then RxBars are an amazing option to throw in your bag or keep in your desk. After messing around with an elimination diet, I found that cashews don’t play well with my gut biome. That was a huge bummer because I ate RxBars like they were candy. I actually emailed RxBar, told them how much I loved their product, and asked if they could consider subbing in something for the cashews for people that are looking to reduce lectins in their diets. They thanked me for my feedback, and that was the last I saw of their action. That was mid-2017.

A couple of weeks ago, something AMAZING happened. I received an email ad about a new product from Epic Bar. If you read the post I’m talking about, you’ll remember that I’m a big fan of Epic Bars. Epic was primarily in the meat snack bar space, BUT, now they are making a product very similar to RxBar – here is the best part – NO CASHEWS! I couldn’t add this to my Amazon cart quick enough. I opted to try the lemon flavored bar. I’m happy to say that I have a new staple snack in my bag and desk. They have the consistency of a Rise Bar, and the lemon flavor in this bar really pops. The carb count is a little high (since dates are used in the product), so I wouldn’t advise using them if you are in a Keto cycle. But, since I’m not, these fit very easily into my 150g or less of carbs per day.

Okay – on to the workout…

New workout. New workout. New workout!!!!!

new stuff 2

First time I can say I’ve been looking forward to something since week 1. I wasn’t expecting a ton of new moves; rather, I was expecting to have the combos mixed up so there would be a little surprise. I got my wish. Lots of the same moves, but new combos. So, it felt new and shiny. Each round was a different combo, so it wasn’t the type of workout where you go 5 or 6 rounds and repeat the moves again.

My absolute FAVORITE thing in today’s workout was the superman punch. I finally understand the superman punch and love it. I’ve tried to do the superman punch before in Tony Horton’s workout programs. I guess the cues either were incomplete, or I just did an awful job comprehending the mechanics. Either way, when I first started during the workout, I wasn’t getting the same type of body movement that the class was. So, I stopped, slowed it down, and really digested the steps to the move. Once it clicked, it CLICKED.

Okay – not me, but you get the idea

Best way to describe what made the move make sense for me – if you are punching with your right fist, your left foot should be planted on the ground, your weight should be drifting towards that left leg. As you are cocking your fist back (while weight is leaning forward), your right knee should raise up. When you are ready to explode forward, your left foot will leave the ground as you push forward. As this happens, your fist should punch forward, and your right leg should kick back to extend all at the same time (imagine you are stretching a rubber band apart between your right fist and your right foot). Once I broke it down into those small steps, I got the feel of the move after a few tries. Then, I was supermanning like a pro! When I switched to my non-dominant stance, I had to go through the same progression. It felt goofy at first, but I eventually got the right feel down pat. This might be my new favorite move!

Move of the day: anything superman punch!!!

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Day 19, Core de Force – MMA Plyo

  • Time – 47 minutes
  • Structure:
    • warmup, 12 rounds, 3 min each, 1 skill combo, 1 burner (repeat skill and burner once)

MMA Plyo:

  • Warmup – 2 min
    • Boxer bounce, arm swinging, rolling, and wide leg windmill toe touches
  • Round 1
    • Switch Roundhouse kicks
    • BURNER: up/down jab + cross
  • Round 2
    • Jab, cross, superman punch
    • BURNER: up/down hook
  • Round 3
    • Jab, cross, rear knee, front flying knee
    • BURNER: Guarded squat, squat jump
  • Round 4
    • Cross, switch knee, rear flying knee
    • BURNER: triple lunge + ginga hop
  • Round 5
    • Front leg check, cross, hook
    • BURNER: lateral + vertical jump
  • Round 6
    • Rear leg check, cross, switch roundhouse kick
    • BURNER: alternating clinch knees
  • Round 7
    • Rear slashing elbow, rear knee, superman punch
    • BURNER: up/down jab + cross
  • Round 8
    • Rear push kick, jump hook, cross
    • BURNER: up/down hook
  • Round 9
    • Front uppercut, rear uppercut, hook, sidekick
    • BURNER: guarded squat, squat jump
  • Round 10
    • Body jab, cross, switch roundhouse kick
    • BURNER: triple lunge + ginga hop
  • Round 11
    • Rear leg check, hook, rear knee, front push kick
    • BURNER: lateral + vertical jump
  • Round 12
    • Jab, cross, front leg check, superman punch
      • LOVED THIS COMBO – to quote Jericho, “…come at me bro…”
    • BURNER: alternating clinch knees
  • Cool down – 2 minutes (don’t skip this – it feels good and you need this)

Next on deck for week 3 is Dynamic Strength + 5 min core on the floor

What is Core de Force?

CdF is a mixed-martial arts inspired workout that combines dynamic boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and basic bodyweight moves into a cardio-focused workout. There are a total of 10 workouts in the basic kit.

How long is Core de Force?

The basic calendar is 30 days, but there are hybrid calendars that can extend the experience. Workouts range between 26 and 47 minutes long.

Where can I get Core de Force?

You can access with a Beachbody On Demand subscription, or check out this link.

Is there any equipment required?

No – this is 100% a bodyweight workout.

Is there a nutrition plan?

Yes. The program offers a full nutrition plan and recipes to support your workout. The portions/calories center around the containers featured in the 21-Day Fix program. There are four meal plans that should cover the majority of calorie needs. The overall macro breakdown for the plan is approximately 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. If you are at a point where you feel like you have your nutrition dialed in, and understand how to manipulate macronutrients to get your own best results, there is probably no reason to follow this nutrition plan. In general, nutrition plans that supplement workout programs are geared towards people that are just starting to learn about proper nutrition habits, so this type of regiment provides a framework. As always, you should consult with your physician before making any radical changes to your diet and/or nutrition habits, especially if you are currently managing any type of heath issues or metabolic conditions.


Have you ever tried or completed the Core de Force published by Beachbody? If so, let us know about your experience and what you think in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thanks!


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