Core de Force REVIEW – Day 14 – Active Recovery

Halfway there. I can honestly say that I’ve improved in every aspect of this program from day 1 to now. I’m most impressed with my improved kicking (hip flexibility). Not too sure that my core strength has changed much, but I guess I’ll let week 3’s core assault (5 individual core workouts) tell the tale.

Overall, two more weeks to go (well two weeks and two days to be exact). Definitely can make it – this workout isn’t treacherous and isn’t a total grind like some of the other high-intensity programs that Beachbody throws out there. If you are just starting out, or if you are looking for a mid-impact type workout as a change of pace, this will be perfect for you. Other than a little monotony (having done the workouts multiple times), this program is very doable. I am ready for some new stuff. Here is what week 3 looks like…

week 3 cdf

The good news is I get two new workouts next week…

  • MMA plyo
  • 5 min Core on the Floor

There are 3 other workouts* that aren’t on the 30 day calendar that I’d like to try at some point. They are:

  • MMA mashup
  • MMA speed 2.0
  • MMA shred 2.0

*Note – the deluxe package does offer 3 more workouts as well!

Regular speed and shred are on tap in week 4, so it makes sense to just sub the 2.0 version. I’ll do that. I will probably sub in mash up this week since the other workouts are kind of boring at this point.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I pepper them in on a day where I don’t feel like doing MMA power or Dynamic Strength.

Decided to squeeze in some back strength work since I had not done any this entire week. Did the following:

  • 2 sets wide pull ups x 10
  • 1 rep 10 sec up 10 sec down chin up
  • 1 rep 15 sec up 15 sec down chin up
  • One armed bent over row – 10 reps each arm @ 60 lbs

Check out the rest of the Core de Force workouts HERE.

Day 14 – Active recovery

  • Time – 21 minutes
  • Structure – about 10 minutes of active moves (punching, kicking, etc), and then about 10 minutes of static stretching.

Note – you’ll be doing boxer’s bounce in between each move in the dynamic part of the session.

Dynamic moves

  • jab/cross
  • front uppercut, right uppercut, hook
  • rear knee, switch knee
  • roll back, roll forward
  • rear snap kick, switch snap kick
  • sidekick dominant
  • sidekick non-dominant side
  • front up elbow, rear up elbow, front slashing elbow, rear slashing elbow
  • rear push kick, front push kick


  • chest stretch
  • upper back stretch
  • left shoulder stretch
  • right shoulder stretch
  • left quad stretch
  • right quad stretch
  • right IT band stretch
  • left IT band stretch
  • right hamstring stretch
  • left hamstring stretch
  • right runner’s stretch
  • left runner’s stretch
  • child’s pose to downward dog w/alternating calf stretch
  • pigeon pose – left
  • adductor stretch – right
  • adductor stretch – left
  • pigeon pose – right
  • seated twist – left
  • seated twist – right

Next on deck is week 3!

What is Core de Force?

CdF is a mixed-martial arts inspired workout that combines dynamic boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and basic bodyweight moves into a cardio-focused workout. There are a total of 10 workouts in the basic kit.

How long is Core de Force?

The basic calendar is 30 days, but there are hybrid calendars that can extend the experience. Workouts range between 26 and 47 minutes long.

Where can I get Core de Force?

You can access with a Beachbody On Demand subscription, or check out this link.

Is there any equipment required?

No – this is 100% a bodyweight workout.

Is there a nutrition plan?

Yes. The program offers a full nutrition plan and recipes to support your workout. The portions/calories center around the containers featured in the 21-Day Fix program. There are four meal plans that should cover the majority of calorie needs. The overall macro breakdown for the plan is approximately 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat. If you are at a point where you feel like you have your nutrition dialed in, and understand how to manipulate macronutrients to get your own best results, there is probably no reason to follow this nutrition plan. In general, nutrition plans that supplement workout programs are geared towards people that are just starting to learn about proper nutrition habits, so this type of regiment provides a framework. As always, you should consult with your physician before making any radical changes to your diet and/or nutrition habits, especially if you are currently managing any type of heath issues or metabolic conditions.


Have you ever tried or completed the Core de Force published by Beachbody? If so, let us know about your experience and what you think in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thanks!


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