Conbody Workout: Final Wrap Up Review & Day 6 – Prison Yoga

I’m going to call this a one-week and done program for me. I just don’t see a ton of benefit in doing this for multiple weeks. I know I’d end up losing back strength unless I supplemented the workout with separate strength pulling sessions. I’m not adverse to supplementing a program with extra work. I actually recommend that with a program like Insanity since there is zero back strength work. But, I didn’t want to supplement with this program. I wanted it to be all inclusive.


My initial goal with trying Conbody was to find a program that would teach me some new stuff, and challenge me/keep me engaged. I’m neither challenged nor engaged. Looking back over this past week, if I kept going, I’d end up improving my core strength/endurance a little bit, and I’d probably see some rep gains on the push movements from the Hardcore Thursday workout. Beyond that, I’d probably just maintain (or lose) in the other areas. That isn’t enough of a pay off for my time investment. I want to move on to something that will challenge me and provide OVERALL gains.

I’m trying to think about who I’d recommend this program to. I wouldn’t recommend it for somebody that is advanced in their fitness journey – it just isn’t challenging enough. I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner due to the lack of modifiers or instructional cues. I’d most likely recommend it for a person that exercises, probably with weights, but is looking for a change up into bodyweight training. If the person has an exercise aptitude, they can overcome the lack of cues and get into the mix. I’d still recommend that such a person pick one or two days a week to do some pull ups. At $29.95, it isn’t a huge investment if you end up not liking the program.

Overall Program Review: 2.5 out of 5 ass-kickings.

conbody review chart.JPG

I want to make one very important distinction – this review is just for the Conbody DVD program. This in no way, shape, or form is a reflection of the streaming program offered over the internet, or the live classes offered at Coss’ studio. I’m certain that the live programs and training offer more variety and can tailor to a clients’ specific needs. I’m willing to bet they do pull ups at the studio 🙂


  • Day 6: Prison Yoga
  • Approximate workout time: 22 minutes
  • Estimated energy expenditure: 56 C
  • Max HR: 95 bpm (measured by Garmin Vivosport)
  • Pre-workout nutrition: none (fasted)
  • Post workout nutrition: none

That’s a wrap. Day 6 – Prison Yoga is done. If you are experienced with yoga, you’ll find this session to be very lightweight and not engaging. For somebody that doesn’t do yoga, or doesn’t stretch in general, there are some benefits. The instructor goes over some breathing cues, and then moves into some of the basic yoga moves/sequences. You cover sun salutations (A & B), mountain, chaturanga, forward bends, and warrior 1/2. He finishes with some seated static stretching and twists, and of course, good ol’ savasana. Since I’ve been doing yoga for a little while, I’d probably defer to some of my other yoga DVD’s in the future, but this isn’t a bad beginner session.


Any experience with the Conbody program? Have you done one of his live courses in NYC? If so, please let us know your experience. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!


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