Conbody Workout: Day 4 – Hardcore Thursday

  • Day 4: Hardcore Thursday
  • Approximate workout time: 21 minutes
  • Estimated energy expenditure: 111 C
  • Max HR: 135 bpm (measured by Garmin Vivosport)
  • Pre-workout nutrition: none (fasted)
  • Post workout nutrition:
    • Protein shake
      • NutriBio unflavored whey
      • RealReds supplement
      • Coconut water (Kirkland brand from Costco)
        • Over 600mg potassium per serving – making this the new base of my post-workout drink – nice hit of carbs as well
      • 1 TBSP almond butter
      • 1 TBSP heavy cream


Day 4 – not happy. We finally did some back work in this blitz on the upper body. But, EVEN WITH A FREAKING PULL UP BAR IN THE GYM, we still don’t do a single pull up. Rather, for the back portion of the supersets, we did variations on the standing bodyweight row (wrap a towel around a pole, fall back, and pull yourself up). I understand that maybe the workout is scaled down to cater to those that can’t do a pull up, BUT, atleast give an “advanced” programming option with pull ups for those that can do pull ups and want them in their workout.

The workout has zero warmup. The trainer (different guy than first three days) just starts you off with 20 reps of diamond push ups. Okay – no pull ups, but fire out 20 diamond push ups. Hmmm.

The structure is pretty basic. Three rounds of 3 sets of exercises…

  • Push up exercise (diamond, normal, wide)
  • Standing row exercise (overhand, underhand, wide)
  • Dip exercise (close, normal, wide)
  • Ab exercise (toe touch, crunch, leg raise)

He wants you to do 20 of each exercise. I’ll admit, my chest endurance couldn’t keep up – I was cranking out only 11-13 reps on the last few sets. BUT, on some of the other exercises, his cadence is just too fast. I have good strength/endurance on back and core moves (especially leg raises), but he was going at pretty much a 1-1 cadence (1 second concentric, 1 second eccentric, little to no pause at the top or bottom of the move). I can’t say that I agree with that method. I found it hard to try and keep pace with him w/o sacrificing form.

Oh, and give more than 20 seconds rest after completing a tri-superset. You can’t expect a person to recover with 20 seconds of rest after they just finished 240 reps over the course of 3 sets with no programmed rest.

The workout did give me a pump, but I think it’s flawed in its programming. And, if this workout is supposed to be for people that aren’t advanced, you should really consider offering some modifications on the moves (diamond push ups, dips, etc) so that beginners can still try to follow along and build up to the maximum progression. This workout just threw you off the deep end w/o much coaching. He demos the move, but doesn’t talk much about form or cuing. This is stuff you need to do when putting out a workout program for the masses.

There is not a programmed cooldown, so I did the usual two minutes of dynamic movement to bring my heart rate down.

We have one workout let to make me do a pull up. If there aren’t any pull ups, I’m closing the book on this program.


Any experience with the Conbody program? Have you done one of his live courses in NYC? If so, please let us know your experience. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!


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