Conbody Workout: Day 3 – Lock Down Wednesday

  • Day 3: Lock Down Wednesday
  • Approximate workout time: 18 minutes
  • Estimated energy expenditure: 118 C
  • Max HR: 150 bpm (measured by Garmin Vivosport)
  • Pre-workout nutrition: none (fasted)
  • Post workout nutrition:
    • Protein shake


Day 3 = complete. I knew there was no back work today when I peeked at the description last night. This was going to be solely a leg workout. I quietly cursed to myself and moved on.

The trainer from day 1 was back, and I finally figured out his counting cadence. He uses the military style (1-2-3- ONE, 1-2-3- TWO, etc). I remember that from 22 Minute Hard Corp (Tony Horton), so it quickly clicked in my brain when I realized what it was. And, this time I heard the music again, so I’ll update my comment on production values to say, “yes, there is some faint music.”

A few notes so far…

  1. They work out in their socks. Okay – no big deal. I work out in my old black Vans (I like zero-rise footwear).
  2. The trainers say “beast-mode” a lot. I hope Marshawn Lynch is okay with that.
  3. The program should be called Corebody. They hit your core in every workout. I wish they put that much effort into the back muscles. So far, this program is underwhelming except for the core work.
  4. I think jump ropes should be sold in the prison commissary. These guys need to learn about the world of warm ups beyond jumping jacks.

I did some yoga last night to see how my glute was doing (still can’t sprint 100%). Range of motion is there, so that is a step in the right direction. I decided to go hard on this leg day and see how it felt. It felt pretty good. I think I’m probably ready to run in some capacity again.

The workout was very leg centric (with some core) as the DVD package promised. Lots of squat moves, lunges, and hip moves. I do like the modified “get up” that he makes you do (he did this in the first workout also). Basically, from a standing position, sit down (use your right arm first), put your legs out, pull your legs back in, and stand back up using the same arm you used on the way down. Do that 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left. Not a bad little move.

I will give Coss some credit – the sequence he put together with leg raises, butterfly raises, and then combo raises (butterfly to kick) is a nice hip burner. I’ll definitely be sharing that sequence with my Wednesday morning friends next time we have a session.

Finally, he brings back an old school Jane Fonda move where you widen your feet, squat down, grab the outside of your ankles, and pump your butt up and down for high reps. Believe it or not, you do feel this move. It’s not just stupid looking. It has a function.

Note – I tried to find a photo on google by searching butt pump, glute pump, etc, but couldn’t find anything without my search history getting super weird. 

The last core sequence goes for 3 rounds and BURNS. Again – Corebody – not Conbody.

There is not a programmed cooldown, so I did the usual two minutes of dynamic movement to bring my heart rate down.

There better be some back work tomorrow!


Any experience with the Conbody program? Have you done one of his live courses in NYC? If so, please let us know your experience. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!


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