Conbody Workout: Day 2 – Tough Love Tuesday

  • Day 2: Tough Love Tuesday
  • Approximate workout time: 22 minutes
  • Estimated energy expenditure: 234 C
    • I didn’t see that coming – workout felt pretty pedestrian
  • Max HR: 154 bpm (measured by Garmin Vivosport)
  • Pre-workout nutrition: none (fasted)
  • Post workout nutrition:
    • Protein shake
      • NutriBio unflavored whey
      • RealReds supplement
      • Coconut water (Kirkland brand from Costco)
        • Over 600mg potassium per serving – making this the new base of my post-workout drink – nice hit of carbs as well
      • 1/2 avocado (more potassium)


Day 2 of Conbody is done! I felt like this trainer was a little easier to follow (looks like they will have a different trainer each time). And, I did hear some music in the background this time, albeit faintly. Maybe I missed it yesterday??? Anyway – back to the trainer. I felt like he was a little more interactive, and his counts were loud enough and made sense where I didn’t have to look at the screen every 5 seconds to see if we moved to a different sequence. Believe it or not – that matters – when you are in the midst of a set, you don’t want to unfocus and look at the screen to see what is going on. You want verbal CUES to guide you, and the screen should supplement. So, thumbs up on day 2 cuing.

The workout started with a brief warmup (thank you), and then drifted into the work segments. We did leg work, chest work, and ab work. The biggest omission was back work. We did zero back work. I’ll argue that the “reverse plank” we did does hit the posterior chain, but I’m talking about latissimus dorsi work. You know – the big back muscles. The pull up muscles.

Not these pull ups (although Lightning McQueen is pretty kick ass)…

not these pullups

These pull ups…

these pullups

I’d say the highlight of the workout was the unloaded shoulder presses we did directly following our plank work. I actually felt a little burn in my shoulders. As a side note, if you ever want to set your shoulders on FIRE, try this move for 60 seconds after doing either planks or push ups…these are called shoulder diamonds, and they will get you.

shoulder diamonds

Other than that, the chest work was underwhelming, but the leg work gets your legs burning. The clear winner of the leg work is the iron mikes. You can never go wrong with plyometric lunges. Having your hands on your head forces your torso upright which makes it just a touch harder than regular plyo lunges where you articulate your arms in a running motion.


There is not a programmed cooldown, so I did the usual two minutes of dynamic movement to bring my heart rate down.

Two days in and no back work – I’m getting ANTSY.



Any experience with the Conbody program? Have you done one of his live courses in NYC? If so, please let us know your experience. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!


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