Brew Day – My Mosaic – 12/17/2018

Founder’s makes a really good Mosaic centered IPA (called Mosaic Promise). Makes me really appreciate the taste and aroma of the Mosaic hop, so I wanted to design a beer around it. Not quite a SMaSH beer (since the grain bill will have some speciality in it), but kind of close. I learned from my SMaSH experiments that either a touch of caramel 20 or caramel 40 is a nice addition to an IPA.

Going to call this creating “My Mosaic.” If you want to understand why, just sing “My Mosaic” instead of “My Sharona.”

Okay – I’ll stop now.

The recipe:

I’ll admit, I’m going a little nuts on the dry hopping. I’m doing a full ounce of Mosaic for a 1.5 gallon batch! That is crazy. Ideally, I’d like to hone this recipe and make it part of my regular rotation, so I figured I’d go to an EXTREME fence post, and see if that big of a dry addition will make it undrinkable. If it does – oh well, I’ll cut it in half next time. If it doesn’t, I’ll add more next time. I can’t imagine that I can do too much more though. I guess we’ll see.

The Steps:

  • 75 minute mash
  • 60 minute boil
  • Hops @ 60/10, and dry after primary is done
  • Yeast nutrient and fining agent at 10 minutes
  • 1 pack of rehydrated S-05

The Numbers:

  • Pre boil volume target: 2.12 gallon
    • nailed it
  • Pre boil gravity target: 1.047
    • exceeded @ 1.052
  • Post boil volume target: 1.72 gallon (1.65 into the fermenter)
    • had to top off with cold water
  • Post boil gravity (OG) target: 1.060
    • exceeded @ 1.072
  • Final gravity target: 1.011
    • nailed it
  • Est ABV (actual): 7.9% (yowza!) – very high end for this style

Misc Notes:

  • BIAB stovetop (small batch)
  • No sparge method
  • Everything pretty much went as planned!

Fermentation Notes:

  • Brought a space heater in to the basement to help fermentation area stay around 70 degrees
  • 12/18 – FINALLY bubbling
  • 12/24 – gravity reading at 1.011 – terminal gravity reached
  • 12/24 – added 1.38oz of mosaic hops (dry hop add)
    • Note – the recipe I wrote called for only 1 oz of dry hops. I had .38 oz extra in the fridge, so I figured – what the hell??? Throw it in!

Tasting Notes:

  • 12/24 – slightly bitter – will definitely benefit from the dry hopping!
  • 12/29 – drew a couple samples for my buddies – AMAZING. Rave reviews. The aroma and hoppiness were very pleasant. Looks like I could have added more!
  • 12/30 – bottled – ready to drink in a week or two


Do you enjoy the Mosaic hop? Have you had any beers or brewed any beers with Mosaic in it? If so, please share in the comments below. Thanks.





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