Breaking Keto – Week 2 recap

The wife and I decided to cycle into a Ketogenic state for at least the next 21 days. For the background of the “experiment,” please check out the original page here.

If you don’t know what the Ketogenic Diet is, check out this link from Dr. James Mercola. 

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Test strip results (we use the ones from smackfat purchased on Amazon):

  • Wife – she is in the low to moderate area.
    • Note – she tried the blood test kit that I bought, and measured in around 1+ mmol/L

Blood test kit results (I bought the Keto-Mojo meter on Amazon):

  • Brad – I was getting frustrated with the strips. I finally broke down and bought the monitor so I can get some actual numbers. I ended up hitting 0.6 mmol/L (that reading was mid-day after I just stuffed my face with food – I need to take a nice fasted reading tomorrow AM). The cool thing is – now that I have the meter, I can do some experimenting to see what foods or drinks affect ketone levels!


Technically, we are both in the ketone range where (if sustained), your body should be using fat for its primary energy source. Hooray for us! If you checked out the link, you now know that the high-level road map looks like this:

  1. Absent glucose in the blood, the body breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol.
  2. To meet the energy needs of the brain, the fatty acids and glycerol go into the liver, and convert to sugar (glucose) and ketones.
    1. Yes, you read that correctly – your LIVER can synthesize its own glucose


Food log notes:

  • Wife – week 2 was a little more challenging to get her proper fat intake (since she is cutting out the dairy). Her morning coffee gets a double hit of coconut oil (since she is skipping the butter), and she will keep relying on avocados, good oils (extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil) and other animal sources for fat. She finds herself eating/prepping mostly the same stuff on a day in-day out basis, but she doesn’t mind. She’s keeping it simple. She is to the point now where she is able to control her carbs just by feel. The strips/blood test show she is still in ketosis. We just need to make sure she is getting enough fat w/o dairy. We are going to get her some coconut cream, but we need to be careful of the carbs in that. We did get some delicious bone-in pork chops at the farmers market, and cooked them in the cast-iron skillet on Saturday. Coupled with some steamed veggies (mine coated in grass-fed butter), it was a great meal. Gotta love a lifestyle where you can devour an entire bone-in chop, and know you are probably losing weight!

pork chops

  • Brad – nothing major to report here. My favorite snack is whipping up some heavy cream, and throwing a couple of frozen blueberries in it. I did slow cook a free-range whole chicken over the weekend, so we’ve been feasting off that meat for a couple of days. AND, I was able to make a couple mason jars worth of delicious bone broth. I do love me some good ol’ homemade bone broth. Great source of collagen.


General notes:

  • Wife – she is rocking it. She feels very good and energized, and still feels some nice sharp focus/mental clarity. She keeps saying that her clothes feel like they are fitting a lot more loose. The numbers are supporting that feeling. According to her fitness tracker, she has gained some lean muscle mass since we started (that is from her exercise class). From a body composition standpoint, she has already lost 0.6% of her body fat percentage. If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, here is a hypothetical example…
    • If a 250 lb person had 30% body fat, that would mean they have 75 lbs of fat in them.
    • If that same 250 lb person went down to 29.4% body fat, they only have 73.5 lbs on them, which means they lost 1.5 lbs of PURE FAT. That isn’t water weight, or muscle loss – that is pure fat. And yes, it is possible to lose fat, and gain muscle so it nets out at zero on the scale. THAT IS WHY I HATE USING BODY WEIGHT AS A GAUGE OF SUCCESS OR FAILURE.
  • Brad –  I do feel like my workouts have rebounded (which is nice). I do miss my beer, but, in a few weeks, I’ll start experimenting with my blood meter to see what beers affect ketones the least. My prediction is low ABV stouts and sours impact ketones and blood sugar the least. I will say that my focus and clarity are very heightened. My overall ability to crank through stuff (not just at work, but also in organizing and writing posts) is at a peak. I feel highly productive, and have for the past two weeks.


Are we still going:

  • Wife – oh yes!
  • Brad – oh yes!


Do you currently, or have you ever followed a ketogenic-style diet? If so, what were your experiences? Please comment below. If you like this post, please be sure to like and share! Thank you.


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