Bodyweight Workouts – Basement Sessions – Weekly Catch Up

I kind of slacked off in documenting my workouts for the past week. To be honest, they are probably going to be boring to read about. I think I’m boring myself typing about them. All I really did for the past week is yoga and push/pull stuff.


That’s it.


Push & Pull…

Rinse/repeat all week long.

I did get semi-creative for the garage workout. I combined the yoga AND the push/pull.


I know all of that sounds as exciting as a box of hair. But, here is my take away from the week – you can have a boring routine and still have a solid week of training. Even though it seemed basic and monotonous, I mixed in three different yoga routines, and also clocked 3 different push/pull routines with a variety of grips and angles for those pushes and pulls. In the big scheme of things, I’ll take that over going to the gym and doing biceps curls and leg presses!

In other random streams of consciousness, I’m a Madden junkie. For those not familiar, Madden is the popular football video game series. Its been around forever. I’ve been playing forever. I particularly like the franchise mode – building teams through the draft and scouting players is a ton of fun. As I’ve fallen down this rabbit hole further and further (I’m in year 22 of a 30 year franchise, and have played out about 97% of the games along the way), I’ve needed to find new ways to challenge myself. I have the difficulty settings as high as they can go. Each season, I turn over about half of my starters to make room for my new draft picks. Despite all of this, I keep going undefeated. I keep scoring lots of points. I keep allowing not a lot of points. I think I’ve broken the game in a few ways. Some of the statistics don’t even tabulate properly anymore. At one point, the game even made up its own rules. Part of me wonders if the programmers ever expected a person to play this far into a franchise mode, and just “phoned in” the last couple of years programming. In the most recent season, I decided to only allow myself to run two plays all season. One passing play and one running play. I’m “proud” to admit that I just completed yet another undefeated campaign where my rookie QB threw over 70 TD’s. Proud is in air quotes because its probably just sad.

Oh, and in year 22, these Philadelphia Eagles have won 19 Super Bowls. Carson Wentz retired as the GOAT in career TD’s. He was the yards leader (over 80K) until some fictional QB that just won’t retire ruined it.

Who says video games don’t mirror reality???

7/29 – Yoga

  • P90X3 Yoga – love it

7/30 – The Challenge (push/pull)

  • Kept the ladder idea going from the previous post, and started at 21 reps. Got up to 26, and then on the last two sets, crapped out and only did 20 reps per set. Pull ups were a challenge – had to break out the assistance bands to get high reps on the last two sets.

7/31 – Yoga

  • 21 Day Fix Yoga – not bad

8/1 – Garage workout!!!!

8/2 – Yoga

  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Yoga – not bad as well

8/3 – The Challenge (modified)

  • Had a very strong day. Subbed in handstand push ups (16″ and 20″ spacing) for 10 reps per set. Was able to sustain that rep count for 4 sets. My last 4 sets had rep counts of 9, 7, 7, 7. In total, I did 70 handstand push ups. I’m going to be very happy with that. AND, contrary to the prior challenge session where I slothed through my pull ups, I was able to knock out all sets at 8 reps w/o coming off the bar. Very psyched about that. I think I’m going to move my challenge number to 9 for the pull ups next time around. I think all of the push/pull work is paying off.
  • Since I was feeling so energized, I decided to ramp up the burnout phase. Usually you do 1 pull up and 3 push ups for the 2:30, but I decided to rock 1 pull up and 3 burpees. I knocked out 8 rounds of that burnout in the allotted time.

Nutrition – on the non-yoga days, I’ve been burning through our Shakeology samples. The vanilla tastes like ass, but the chocolate is pretty good. If it were free, I’d keep doing the chocolate. Once I’m out of that stuff, I’ll revert back to my Nutrabio + Real Reds concoction.


Do you have any favorite home workouts that you’ve put together? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please click “like” and share! 


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