Bodyweight Workouts – Basement Sessions – 7/27 – The Basics (plus)

It feels good to feel good.

I don’t mean that in an ironic sense, or a “I’m better than you” way. I mean it feels good when your body and mind feel good. When you are sick or injured, you certainly aren’t your best self. That “not feeling good” feeling really sucks. Whether its a self-inflicted imbalance from one too many IPA’s the night before, or an unfortunate chronic illness you are battling, sub-optimal health just doesn’t feel good. And you know that it doesn’t feel good. Even if you are off by just 10%, you know that it feels different than feeling 100%. You miss and CRAVE that 100% feeling.

I’m usually pretty sensitive to pollen and other allergens in the summertime. That affliction presents with the usual runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. This summer was a little different. I didn’t get any of those symptoms despite pollen counts that were off the charts. Rather, I experienced fluid in my ears for the first time. In both ears. For almost two months. I can’t confirm that its attributable to allergies, but the coincidence isn’t lost on me. I’ve read that pollen allergies can present this way. Since my doctor couldn’t come up with anything better, I’m going to run with that.

Talk about something that will mess with you. Each day felt rotten. It really was a struggle to get through between the cycles of fatigue and the general feeling of imbalance. Your mind starts to wander to some weird places. You basically have an internal argument going on – your body/mind feel like just laying down and staying still. But, there is a small sliver of your mind that knows you shouldn’t do that, and it fights to keep you plugging ahead. That internal debate is exhausting.

I’m very happy to say that I’m going on my 7th day w/o those symptoms. It appears the fluid has resolved (which I’ve been told will happen over time, and was confirmed by a doctor’s appointment earlier in the week). Whether it was just time, or the mega dose regimen of Vitamin C I started about two weeks ago, I’m finally on the other side (at least it feels that way). It’s fun to wake up again. I’m going to really try to relish this 100% feeling for as long as I can.

I guess the moral of the story is – appreciate your health. Appreciate feeling good, Appreciate feeling energized. Appreciate feeling able.

7/19/18 – The Basics PLUS

I decided to change the push move to handstand pushups (instead of dips). And, I added 335# hex bar deadlifts to give the legs some love.

Remember – the basics is very simple. 5 sets. Do pull ups 10 reps or max, whichever comes first, then do dips (or other push move) for 10 or max, then do leg raises for 10 or max. Rest for 1-2 minutes, and repeat that circuit 4 more times.

  • Warm up
    • 3 min jump rope
    • 2 min jumping jacks
  • Work sets (rest 2 minutes between each set)
    • Pullups 10/10/10/7/6
    • Handstand push ups (16″ spacing) 10/10/10/10/6
    • Hanging leg raises 11/11/11/11/8
    • Hex bar deadlift @ 335# 5/5/5/4/x
  • Cooldown
    • Flappy arms
    • wide leg forward fold
    • downdog & updog

Holy hell was my grip fried. It must have been the added flexion with the handstand push ups, and then the holding of 335 lbs with the hex bar deadlift. By the time the 5th set of work rolled around, my forearms felt like they were going to explode. I had to cut my last set of handstand push ups and hanging leg lifts short because the forearms just quit. Didn’t even try to grip the hex bar for set #5.

Post workout shake:

  • Vanilla shakeology sample (out of regular protein)
  • So Delicious coconut milk (unsweetened)


Do you have any favorite home workouts that you’ve put together? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please click “like” and share! 


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    1. Thanks! Its a tiring circuit, but you feel a nice pump afterwards. Nice workout to get some volume in.

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