Bodyweight Workouts – Basement Sessions – 7/13/18 – Miscellaneous

Today is Friday the 13th (or was if you’re reading this in the future). I’m actually typing this in the future because I was kind of lazy with posts since Friday. I hosted a beer tasting in the late afternoon at my place to try out the “Keto Fail Ale,” and then Mrs. Breaking and I had a game night with a pretty fun couple. I wanted to kick off the night in the style of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia crew, but Mrs. Breaking didn’t see the merits. You decide…

We played Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s a table game. Amazon recently had a nice sale on table games, so I grabbed that and a card game called “Joking Hazard.” I really wanted to play Joking Hazard, but it hadn’t arrived yet. It’s basically a cartoon version of Cards against Humanity.

It took us a little while to get started as we learned and pondered the rules, but once we got into it, the game was fun. It’s basically about lying and BS’ing the people you are playing with. Some of the lying and negotiating got pretty interesting as we got more into the game and the beers kept flowing. One of our participants may or may not be doing the dishes at his house for the next month. I don’t really recall the exact conditions of that negotiation. I thought I came in second place, but, since I ended up as the chicken king, I won 10 extra points, and that put me over the top. I edged out the apple king. I woke up on Saturday realizing I probably sampled one too many beers, and spent the day not wanting to try and cobble thoughts together. We’ve all been there. But, its no True American.


Okay – back to my thoughts on Friday the 13th. I used to like horror movies. A lot. I grew up on stuff like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and the like. For some reason, that stuff just isn’t palatable to me anymore. I don’t want to sit for 90 minutes and watch people be terrified or tortured or maimed. It just doesn’t entertain me anymore. I think Hostel back in 2006 was the beginning of the end for me. I screened the movie the night before its release, and it made me feel very icky after watching it. Between that and Saw, I think that “torture porn” has turned my brain off to the entire horror genre. Maybe there is a limit to what types of situations or scenes should be put out for public consumption. I read an article back in May about a crowd walking out of a movie during a screening. The movie is called “The House that Jack Built.” I’m not making a sweeping statement about art and its place in society, or even what is considered art. I’m saying that I’ve made my choice to avoid this particular subset of art. It doesn’t elicit positive reaction from me.

I’d much rather laugh for 90 minutes, or watch a movie that elicits a positive emotional response. Not a movie that makes me wonder if some quasi-zombie hockey mask guy is going to try and attack me with a machete. And, how the heck does he actually catch people when he walks and they run? Seriously – the only horror guy I’ve ever actually seen run is Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are basically mall-walkers, but find a way to catch and murder their prey.

Part of me thinks that I might not like that stuff because I’ll have a hard time explaining its merits to my son. I know I certainly don’t want him watching that stuff for a long time. Its more fun to watch Happy Gilmore and appreciate the comedic timing/delivery of Christopher McDonald…

…than it is to watch a terrified “B’ actress run up the stairs into a confined attic space rather than running out the front door. I know that is the writing, so I should blame that on the “B” director and the “B” writer.

I’d much rather watch a movie that gives me goosebumps for a good reason. I still get emotional at the end of “Miracle” when Kurt Russell goes back into the arena’s hallway and starts crying. Oh, and the broadcast overlay they do during the movie by including Al Michael’s actual call during the game is epic. Hearing him actually say, “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES,” is priceless.

I still get goosebumps at the end of Apollo 13 watching Ed Harris’ reaction to the shuttle regaining communication after splashdown. That is what I want to pay my money for.

I literally just got goosebumps watching it as I copied and pasted the link.

THAT is worth the price of admission.

I didn’t really know what to do today. I knew I wanted to do something, so I looked at my calendar, and identified a few moves that I hadn’t touched in a week or so, I used today as a miscellaneous catch up day to get some supporting work in.

Here is what today looked like:

7/13/18 – Miscellaneous

  • Warm up with 3 Week Yoga Retreat 10 minute PM session
  • Skill work – front tuck lever hold
    • 30 seconds
      • I actually used the voice timer with my Alexa, so I know this was a solid 30 seconds
    • rest 2 minutes
    • 22 seconds
      • based off my count – I set the timer for 30 seconds, but failed before it hit
    • rest 2 minutes
  • Skill work – Skin the cat
    • 6 reps
    • rest 2 minutes
    • 2 reps
      • I tried something different in the second set. Rather than contract my biceps and do a half pull up before rotating back, I kept my arms straight and used my core/hips to rotate back. That is A LOT harder. I think I’m going to keep practicing it that way.
    • rest 2 minutes
  • Skill work – L-sit progression – floor
    • 30 seconds (fingers pointing forward)
      • Rather than using the paint buckets, I’m following that progression suggestion from Reddit. So, my hands are by my hips, and I’m pressing my butt off the floor with my feet on the ground. Holy hell is my shoulder girdle engaged.
    • rest 2 minutes
    • 30 seconds (fingers pointing behind me)
  • Skill work – wheel pose
    • 10 reps
      • I just felt like doing some spine work, so I used my old friend wheel pose. I’ll start in low bridge, and then press up to wheel. I’ll return to low bridge and repeat. I do this for reps and really make sure I get extension at the top. According to Convict Conditioning, this is a progression for standing back bends.
  • Cooldown – speed learn tutorial from the Beachbody Core de Force program
    • I’m considering monkeying around with this program once I’m done with the 3 Week Yoga retreat. Seems like a fun deviation from stuff I normally do, so I figured I’d dip my toe in. I’ve read some reviews that say it’s a decent workout. You won’t be MMA ready by any stretch of the imagination, but it will get your heart rate up and a fun and challenging way. We’ll see – not sure yet.

Post workout shake:


Do you have any favorite home workouts that you’ve put together? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please click “like” and share! 


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