Bodyweight Workouts – Basement Sessions – 6/22/18 – Front Lever Training & L-Sit Training


Was in a rush this AM, so needed to hit and run today. Only 20-25 minutes available, and I didn’t want to do anything that was TOO taxing for my back (I have a tug of war tournament tomorrow). So, I paired up two moves that needed their turn in the training rotation, did two work sets of each, and called it a day.


Call this one of the benefits of “building” your own training program. If you need to adjust your focus, or just don’t feel like doing something that day, you can just pivot and do what you want. Stay within the basic framework of allowing enough rest for muscle groups to recover, and really you can create your own destiny. I was half tempted to break out a HIIT workout from my Beachbody archives (there are plenty that clock in under 20 minutes), but I just felt like a chill session that focused on a skill I’m developing.

Here is what today looked like:

6/22/18 – Front Lever training & L-Sit Training

  • Warmup
    • 2 minutes jump rope
    • 2 minutes jumping jack
    • 2 minutes agility ladder work (lateral shuffle + Heisman)
      • I just felt like doing agility work for some reason
  • Skill work – front tuck lever
    • Front tuck lever static hold – 33 count
    • Rest 3 min
    • Front tuck lever static hold – 23 count
      • Little step back on both counts. Probably should use a stop watch instead of breath counts. That would be less arbitrary. I really went one-one thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand today, whereas my cadence last time might have been quicker.
    • Rest 3 minutes
  • Skill work – L Sit static hold (hands on large paint buckets, fingers pointing BEHIND me)
    • Note – This is a challenging position. I’ve held this on parallel bars before, and worked up to progressions where I’d put one leg out, and then eventually two. This version is a little different. You are doing it from the floor. Here is a picture of the progression I’m trying to work on…
    • floor l-sit
      • Trust me – this is hard. I guess I don’t have the strength/balance yet to engage this from the floor, so I have my hands elevated on paint buckets to start. As my balance and strength grow, I’ll then get to the floor. The big difference between the above picture and what I’m training is the hand position. I have my fingers rotated BACK (note his fingers are forward). According to the book “Overcoming Gravity”, the fingers back position is the proper gymnastic position for the training progressions. So, I figure, why not train it the correct way if I’m going to do it. That position really puts your wrist flexibility under a microscope.
    • 20 second hold
    • 2 min rest
    • 30 second hold (balance was better this time around)
      • Keeping the shoulder girdle engaged and keeping the lower half of your body quiet is very important to hold this pose. Very challenging.
  • 30 seconds reverse table top w/fingers pointing BEHIND
    • Just wanted to do some extra work with the fingers behind hand position
  • Cool down – 2 minutes
    • Arm swings
    • Good mornings
    • Shoulder rolls

The whole thing clocked in around 25 minutes.

Calorie burn clocked in around 146 C.

Max HR around 138 BPM (per Garmin Vivosport)

Post workout shake:


Do you have any favorite home workouts that you’ve put together? Do you also train the front lever or L-Sit? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please click “like” and share! 


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