Basement Sessions – 6/20/18 – Chest & Core

Another two-fer! Combined chest work (one-arm push up progressions) and core work (hanging straight leg raises). Hadn’t done a hard “chest” session since the Conbody “Thursday” workout.

I noticed that my breath was a lot more synced up with my movements. Usually, I’ll tend to goof up my push up breathing and invert it (exhale on the way down, inhale on the way up – I know, stupid), but today that didn’t happen. Right out of the gate, I was breathing out on the work, (in this case, the PUSH), and breathing in on the descent. Mastering your breath really does help in all modes of exercise – not just yoga.

Speaking of goofing, Amazon really dropped the ball this week. TWICE. As I mentioned in a prior post, I tried ordering some Ashwagandha, just to see if I notice any benefits from the supplement. The first shipment had Grape Seed Extract. The wrapper and barcode sticker on the bottle said Ashwagandha, but it was clearly a bottle of Grape Seed Extract. I returned it via Amazon’s normal processes (which are awesome by the way), and asked them to reship.

The same damn thing came again!

I don’t know if a drone picked my order both times, or if the human just goes by the barcode label even though the bottle clearly says GRAPE SEED EXTRACT, but, the process was a little frustrating nonetheless. If I reorder a third time, I think I need to have a dialogue with the Amazon folks to tell them not to screw it up again. I do have to admit, this is the first time in my history of ordering from Amazon that I haven’t gotten what I want. I still think its an amazingly convenient service, so, of course, I’ll keep giving them my money.


Here is what today looked like:

Pre workout nutrition – butter coffee with collagen powder

6/20/18 – one arm push up training and core work

  • Warmup
    • 3 minutes jump rope
    • 2 minutes jumping jacks
    • shoulder roll with stick – 10 reps
    • 1 minute dead hang
  • Work set – lever push ups (on medicine ball) – one note about this exercise. It is possible to cheat it by letting your straight arm do more work than it should. You really need to lock in your form. The whole idea behind this progression is to get a single arm used to moving the body through space. This is accomplished by keeping the work arm close to the body. You also want to be mindful of your foot placement. You want them close together (touching), and you want your hips in line with your torso and head. You DON’T want to flair your feet and hips AWAY from the work arm. This defeats the purpose of the movement. By keeping your arm close to your torso, and your feet/hips/torso/head in line, you are training your core at the same time.
  • 20180620_074001
    • Note the head/hips/feet in line, and hand/wrist/elbow/shoulder joints are stacked. This is a GOOD starting position.
  • 20180620_074044.jpg
    • Note the feet and hips are out of the torso/head line. Note the wrist isn’t under the shoulder. This is BAD starting position.
  • 20180620_074108
    • Note that head is inline with hips and feet, and that elbow is close to body. This is GOOD bottom position.
  • 20180620_074144
    • Arm is flared out from body.  Hips are just to the left of my center head line, and my feet (tough to see, but its the white thing above my left shirt sleeve) are out of the head line. This is BAD bottom position.
  • Warmup set – tricep push up – 20 reps
    • 2 min rest
    • lever left – 14 reps
    • 1 min rest
    • lever right – 15 reps
    • 2 min rest
    • lever left – 13 reps
    • 1 min rest
    • lever right – 14 reps
      • very happy with these work sets – added reps from previous session of 12 each arm
    • 2 min rest
    • regular push up – 22 reps
  • Work set – hanging straight leg raise
    • 11 reps
    • rest 2 min
    • 9 reps
  • Metabolic work
    • Single arm battle ropes – 1 minute
      • 215 reps
  • Cooldown
    • Flappy arm swinging
    • Side to side lunges
    • Beat your boots


Workout time – approx. 32 min.

Calorie burn clocked in around 192 C.

Avg HR (per Garmin): 105 bpm

Max HR (per Garmin): 153 bpm

Post workout, I made a nice recovery shake…


Do you have any favorite home workouts that you’ve put together? Do you train any push up progressions? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please click “like” and share!


2 thoughts on “Basement Sessions – 6/20/18 – Chest & Core”

  1. Oh hey, Brad! All of your pictures show that you have a great home gym. I understand that you’re more of a body weight guy but I assume that even some mats (like the ones above) are pretty helpful when doing work on the floor. What are the top few items that you recommend to purchase from a minimalist at-home fitness area? Any brands that you recommend?



    1. Cool – thanks! Yes, I highly recommend floor mats. I tried using the interlocking foam ones that you could buy at costco or home depot, but they eventually distorted and came apart. Believe it or not, the rubber mats in the picture are HORSE STALL MATS! They are awesome. Each one will cost you about $40 at Tractor Supply Company, but they are so worth it. They are thick and heavy. They don’t move once they are down, and they have a nice texture. They are the perfect home gym flooring.
      As far as minimum equipment, I’d say you want to set up some type of pull up bar. It would be one of those door way things (I think the Gold’s Gym one is okay), or you could go next level and build one out of galvanized pipe like I did, and lag bolt it to your ceiling studs. I like that because I can not only hang from it, but I also have my olympic exercise rings hanging on it as well. If a pull up bar isn’t in your future, consider just getting a TRX system or set up some other way to do horizontal pulls. For bodyweight training, you need to have a way to train pulling movements. The best option is a pull up bar. BUT, if you set up some type of hip-height horizontal bar, you can always do inverted rows to train your pulling motion.
      I’d also say to get a jump rope. I love jump ropes as a warmup or active rest piece of equipment. I have a link to one that I like in my “buy a jump rope” post.
      Other than that, you really don’t need to much equipment to give yourself one heck of a workout. I hope that helps.

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