Back in the Saddle

A whole week away from my exercise routine. Today is my 7th day off, which means I can start fresh tomorrow. This was a very welcome siesta as I felt like I was drifting into overtraining. I started to not recover quickly from workouts, wasn’t sleeping well, and was probably just pushing a little too hard. Throw in the fact that I was trying to keto adapt at the time, and it was a recipe for failure. The break was needed.

I know it’s time to get back into the mix because I’ve actually been missing the workouts. I’ve been been missing the activity. I’ve been missing the challenges. The days seem kind of incomplete without being able to reflect back and know that I challenged my system. I’ve been sleeping pretty well, and I feel like I’ve turned a corner, and am ready to return to work. I feel rebooted.

The question is – what do I do now?

Up until this point, I’ve been going kind of eclectic – hitting certain skills once per week, experimenting with the Viking Warrior Conditioning program, and also programming some interesting HIIT workouts for my friends on the Wednesday and Saturday sessions. It’s been awhile since I followed an actual “program.” I’ve had a lot of success with various Beachbody programs, so I’m no stranger to hitting play and following a program for 30/60/90 days. These programs can be very refreshing. You just press play and do the work. No thinking. No phasing. No workout planning – just do the work.

Nice – I can do brainless for a month or two.

Every once and a while, Men’s Health promotes an exercise program that catches my eye. In my experience, these tend to be a little less intense than the Beachbody programs; however, to be fair, I haven’t tried them all. One program in particular really caught my eye, so I bought and stashed it. I think I’m ready to dust it off. Its called Conbody.

The creator (founder) of the program, Coss Marte, has a very interesting and inspiring story. He turned a dark part of his life into a bright spot, and has become a very successful fitness professional. Check out his website here.  Not only does he have an actual studio in NYC, he has this workout DVD, and it looks like he launched an online service as well. When I read his story in Men’s Journal, not only was I impressed, but also I was very curious. I’m a huge fan of bodyweight training and calisthenics, so I wanted to see what type of program he put together (based on his prison experience).

I’m not exactly sure how long the program lasts. I do know that there are 5 workouts (Monday through Friday), and then something called Prison Yoga. I guess I’ll get more of the details when I start tomorrow. Usually when I “review” an exercise program, I’ll summarize the workout in one huge post. I’m going to go a different route this time. I’m going to recap each day of the program as I do it, and, if I finish the entire program, I’ll give my overall impression. I say “if” because I’m not going to keep doing a program just for the sake of doing a program. There is nothing wrong with cutting bait and moving on to something different if it isn’t clicking with you. So, we’ll see if this clicks. I’m hoping to learn some new exercises, and some new ways of programming them together.

Hopefully you’ll join me for the ride and read along!


Have you done the Conbody program, or read about Coss Marte’s story? If so, let us know what you think below. Thanks!


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