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The below resources are either documentaries, blogs, journals, podcasts, or books that I found to have GREAT information, and responsible for a lot of my education into these topics today. These aren’t necessarily just food/nutrition/exercise – there are a lot of good lifestyle sources as well.

I’ll add to this list as I think of stuff or find new things. Newest entries will be at the BOTTOM of each heading.


  • Mark’s Daily Apple
    • Father of the Primal Health movement – GREAT source material – very well researched.
  • Coconuts and Kettlebells
    • These two ladies are pretty awesome. They run the gamut on health/fitness/nutrition.
    • Lots of good Keto recipes. Also, the same folks that do the “Keto for Normies” podcast.


  • “That Sugar Film” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Overfed and Undernourished” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Love Paleo” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Is Sugar the New Fat?” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Growing Young” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “The Perfect Human Diet” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Food Matters” – free on Amazon Prime as of 5/1/18
  • “Crazy Sexy Cancer” – purchase on Amazon


  • Tim Ferriss
    • Biohacker and self-proclaimed human guinea pig – lots of interesting guest interviews with highly successful people. Tim is a very solid interviewer.
  • Bulletproof podcast w/David Asprey
    • Probably the king of biohackers. David is the “Bulletproof Executive.” Lots of solid interviews with highly successful people.
  • Ben Greenfield
    • Fitness and nutrition expert – good information on both topics – solid interviewee list
  • Keto for Normies
    • Fun and informative podcast by two regular people on the Keto path.


  • “Tony Robbins: Master the Money Game” – purchase on Amazon
    • Great book by Tony Robbins on creating a holistic wealth building strategy for your life.
  • “The Automatic Millionaire” – purchase on Amazon
    • Great book by David Bach about automating your finances and learning how very simple choices can lead to huge compounded gains over time.
  • “The Total Money Makeover” – purchase on Amazon
    • Great book by David Ramsey about getting out of debt, and setting up a mindset to never be in debt again. Even if you aren’t in debt, the principles are sound and are worth considering.
  • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – purchase on Amazon
    • Great book by Robert Kiyosaki about how to formulate a true wealth building strategy around ASSETS.
  • “Convict Conditioning” – purchase from Dragon Door Publishing
    • Very interesting book by Paul Wade about building an exercise routine around the “big 6” bodyweight movements. Framework is such that you could do the workout in jail (if you have a pullup bar I guess).
  • “Stretching your Boundaries” – purchase on Amazon
    • Al Kavadlo is a pretty amazing bodyweight calisthenics guy. When I was looking to improve my flexibility, I watched some of his stuff, and then felt compelled to buy this book. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve built a lot of my mobility training around this book.
  • “Maximus Body” – purchase on Amazon
    • This book has a lot of weight based exercises and routines. BUT, it also has a bunch of bodyweight and calisthenics based routines. Bobby Maximus doesn’t mess around, and this is a great add to your fitness library.

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