REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 5 – On The Go Flow (Foundation)

Day 5: On the Go Flow (Fundamentals) – approx 19 minutes.

Today was a very quick session.

We didn’t cover any new poses – we just took what we’ve learned in the past 4 days, and ran through a series of flows. This is one of those yoga workouts you take on the road with you, and do in your hotel room before you head out the door. Twenty minutes – easy peasy. Gotta love that.

On a side note related to yoga and travel, rather than bring your mat on the trip, you can always consider yoga gloves and socks. I bought a set during trip in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, and was able to do yoga in my hotel room. They now come with me on my trips instead of trying to cram a mat into my carry on.

We spent most of our time doing sun salutation A, and working through either the knees version, cobra version, or upward dog version. That is pretty much it – he beat that flow home.

The session ended (again) with reverse table top (love the feeling of opening the chest and shoulders) and some seated stretching for the hips/hamstrings. I am happy to report that I was able to do the cross-legged stretches without the yoga block today. I still feel tension/discomfort, but I don’t feel pain. So, I’ll keep pushing to that threshold, and getting better inch by inch, day by day.

Since I had a little time at the end of the session, I decided to squeeze in a couple extra things…

  • One arm dead hang – right & left arm. 20 seconds each.
    • It makes sense to train this a couple times a week since I’m working on one-arm pull up progressions. Getting to 1 minute per arm is my goal. I’m adding 5 seconds each session.
  • Crow pose – 1 minute static hold

If you aren’t familiar with crow, here is a lady doing it on a rock…

crow pose

I like crow because it trains balance and also your shoulder girdle. When people first start out, they are hesitant to let their shoulders get too far out in front of their fingers because they don’t want to face plant. Once you get past that “fear,” you can make progress in the pose. This is a great progressive move for handstands. I personally find this more challenging than holding a handstand for a minute, so I like to work it in every once and awhile. And, it’s a yoga pose, so its congruent with the day’s theme.


Are you an aspiring yogi? Do you enjoy mixing yoga workouts into your fitness plan? If so, please let us know about it in the comments. If you enjoyed this post, please “like” and share. Thank you!



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