REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 4 – Flow (Foundation)

Day 4: Flow (Fundamentals) – approx 29 minutes.


Today’s practice aimed to connect all of the work done in the first three days. Even when he cobbled all of it together into a “flow” (read: continuous movement from one pose into the next), it still was very manageable and very instructive. He is very deliberate in his cues and offers modifications if the flow is too intense. That modification mostly related to being on your knees when doing either cobra or upward dog.

I’m getting really proficient at the breathing now. I’m going entire sessions with just breathing in/out through my nose, and I can really feel my depth of breath increasing. I’m working very hard to sync my movement with a breath movement. In other words, I don’t want to change a breath direction while I’m going into a pose. For example, I’ll do a deep breath IN as I raise my hands from mountain pose, and then a deep breath OUT as I go into forward fold. I’ll know I did it correctly if I’m not breathing back IN as I get to the bottom of forward fold. Once I’m at the bottom of forward fold with a full EXHALE, I’ll breathe deeply IN as I come up to flat back, and then a deep breath OUT as I go back down into forward fold. Then, a deep breath IN as I step to plank, and a deep breath OUT as I shift to downward dog. Basically, it equates to one breath movement per pose movement. No half-breaths. I’m enjoying the synchronicity of that practice. I really hope I can continue that as the flow becomes more intense. I really want to keep control of my breath.


The session ended with reverse table top (love the feeling of opening the chest and shoulders) and some seated stretching for the hips/hamstrings.

Let’s keep this fun training chugging along!


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