REVIEW – 3 Week Yoga Retreat – Day 3 – Balance (Foundation)

Day 3: Balance (Fundamentals) – approx 28 minutes.

Our practice today continued with focus on balance. He spent time reviewing the cues for tree pose with some building blocks:

  • knee hold into chest
  • tree with hands on hips
  • tree with hands at heart
  • tree with hands overhead

I’m going to keep saying it – I really enjoy the instructional value of the cues and progressions. This program is well thought out so far.

Next we moved into warrior 2 progressions. I really liked the cues here. With all of the yoga work I’ve done in the past, I’ve certainly done a lot of the warrior poses. But, you can teach an old dog new tricks. By piecing it together with focus on foot position, leg position, knee position, weight distribution, and hand position, you really feel like the pose is “x-rayed” and you understand how it should feel. More importantly, you’ll know how to adjust your mechanics if it isn’t feeling right.

For example, when we shifted into extended side angle pose, his cue about pushing your hips forward and not letting your butt stick out changed the entire sensation of the stretch for me. All of a sudden, I felt a nice stretch and elongation in my oblique all the way up my back. Its subtle nuances like that which seem to be making the difference in my experience.

side angle pose

push hips forward and keep chest high – don’t collapse chest and bubble your butt out

photo credit: Beachbody On Demand


He spent time reviewing pyramid pose, and had some nice cues on how to decipher between discomfort and pain. That is a key in this practice as you go deeper into poses, and as the poses become more technical.

Discomfort = good. We learn from discomfort, that lets us know we are probably doing it right. We should hold that that point, and our discomfort threshold will shift.

Pain = bad. If it feels like you need to stop, then you should. We don’t learn from pain other than what NOT to do next time (after you heal).

In a nutshell – go to the point of discomfort and SIT THERE. Trying to push beyond discomfort is an express pass in the Pain Lane. That track ends in Injury Junction, and you’ll be stuck there for a few days/weeks.

Next, we worked on the building blocks for chaturanga. Finally, we finished with some light shoulder opener work. As my shoulders can get tight, I enjoyed this addition.

I’m excited for day 4 – we are going to start working on some FLOW.

On a side note – my wonderful wife made a great father’s day breakfast with eggs, avocado, bacon, and gluten free pumpkin spice pancakes. I washed it down with a nice mug of brewed chicory with rose hips and dandelion root. And, she got me the greatest gift every – a custom pair of socks with my son’s face all over them. Yes, that is a thing. You can get anything on the internet!

Love that lady!



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